Improve your relationship with your body 3 healthy habits to

Improve your relationship with your body: 3 healthy habits to live in harmony immezcla Stories of Mediterranean sailors

A good relationship with our body is also good for the mind: 3 habits that can literally change our lives.

Taking care of ourselves means both taking care of the body and taking care of mental well-being. The times when the care of body and mind were considered separately are now over: today we have finally come to the realization that To feel good, we need to take care of our body and our mind at the same time Create ad hoc rituals.

Well-being is built day by day –

The reason rituals are important for well-being is because they allow us to develop healthy habits that are easy to maintain over long periods of time. In fact, making good decisions is not enough. We must make them a routine so that they have a regenerating effect on our body.

3 good habits to live better

There are very few activities that are necessary to live a balanced and happy life: Eat well, get enough sleep and stay active. Obviously there is often a difference between saying and doing. That's why it's important Create rituals that help us change negative habits It makes us adopt better habits for ourselves and our health.

Staying active is important –

Eat well – Eating well essentially means eat at least 3 balanced meals every day, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It would be ideal to always eat meals at the same time in order to stabilize the biological rhythm of our organism. But even more important is to eat only healthy and light foods, make sure that each meal contains carbohydrates, proteins and fiber and avoid eating only pasta for lunch and only proteins in the evening.

To achieve this it is ideal Use batch cooking, That is, preparing meals over several days by pre-cooking foods and creating different combinations of freshly cooked foods. This way we cook a few days a week but have good meals every day.

Get enough sleep – This is often impossible, especially if we have small children or lead busy lives. However, little sleep makes us stressed, unhappy and drains our energy that we have to keep up with the rhythm of our lives. However, if it is not external circumstances that prevent us from sleeping, but insomnia problems, action must be taken. The ideal is to activate a bedtime routine that repeats itself every evening with the aim of guiding “our mind” step by step into a state of calm and serenity that makes it easier for us to fall asleep.

Stay active – When we talk about an active life, we don't necessarily have to think about exercising for an hour four times a week. On the contrary, it will be enough Change small but fundamental habits. Walk as much as possible, take the stairs instead of the elevator, and start the day with about ten minutes of wake-up exercise.