In Mais Voce Deniziane cries as she talks about Matteus

In “Mais Você, Deniziane cries as she talks about Matteus after he was eliminated from “BBB 24 | TV

Deniziane cries as she talks about Matteus on the Wednesday show “Mais Você” Reproduction / TV Globo

Deniziane cries as she talks about Matteus on the Wednesday show “Mais Você” on Reproduction / TV Globo

Published on February 21, 2024 11:14 am | Updated on February 21, 2024 1:14 p.m

Rio Deniziane attended the “Mais Você” breakfast this Wednesday and cried when she spoke about Matteus, her exaffair, on “BBB 24”. In a chat with Fabricio Battaglini and Talitha Morete, the ninth who was eliminated from the reality show also analyzed her participation in the program and claimed that she doesn't care about the public's judgments.

The physiotherapist, who received 52.02% of the vote against Fernanda and Matteus in the Paredão, could not hold back her tears when she saw the pictures of her brother, rather shaken, after his elimination. “That was the first time I saw it. And it's something that really resonated with me and really affected me when I was eliminated,” she began in the chat.

“I don’t care if people judge my game, I just don’t want them to judge my relationship with him. My relationship with him was true, I didn't want people to doubt it. “It hurt me a lot to see that,” he said. When I had my attitude it was all about protecting you and me. […] But I know from the bottom of my heart [e o sentimento] “It was built in an authentic way,” he assured.

When asked if she thought the agricultural engineering student felt guilty about his departure, the former sister replied “yes.” “As we got closer in a more emotional way, I had already made it clear that I wasn't going to have a relationship on the show, that this was a very strong mindset for me internally… But it came at a time when I didn't could, you know? It was something that made me fight against myself and when we met it was a very beautiful story,” he recalls.

“Today I met his mother and now I understand why he is like that because she is just as wonderful as he is. And seeing him feeling guilty there hurt me so much… I wish I had more time to comfort him, but “It wasn't possible… But I really hope he's okay,” mused Deniziane.

After praising her exaffair, the physical therapist explained that the two talk outside the home and that she intends to continue their relationship despite living in different states. “That’s how it was agreed. I want it, I’m not going to lie,” admitted the girl from Minas Gerais.

Beard and separation from Matteus

Deniziane could not hide her surprise when she found out that her separation from Matteus was linked to the change in her brother's appearance. The physiotherapist specifically emphasized that she ended the relationship due to problems with her playing strategy and did not forget to praise the southern player's appearance.

“Mattheus is beautiful in every way, he is handsome in every way, it had nothing to do with the beard! “It was always emphasized that he had to do what he wanted,” he explained.

Refusing to favor engineering students with or without a beard, the former sister goodnaturedly admitted, “I prefer them with (a beard). When I left the program and people told me that, I said, 'Mercy, I can't believe they think that's it.

Disappointment in friendships

After Deniziane found out what some brothers on “BBB 24” said about her, she admitted to being disappointed with the trancista Leidy Elin, who she considered a friend in the house.

“Leidy was one of my surprises there. I've already found out some of the things she said about me. And I was a little afraid, because there, unfortunately, we believe what people tell us, right… . “I was pretty surprised by Leidy too,” she said.

When asked by Talitha Morete about the content of the conversation she had access to, the former BBB claimed she did not intend to embarrass anyone before understanding the context of the situation. “I don't want to reveal it because I want to understand what happened first in order to talk about it, but I found out that she said some things about me,” he explained.

“We see a lot of things, people are very liars. How can they look you in the eye and lie to your face?” […] “Since I come from a family that finds this very sad, I believed in the person,” emphasized Deniziane.

Dispute against Fernanda

The physical therapist, who admitted that she considered Fernanda her rival on the reality show, said she still doesn't understand how the public decided to keep her sister on “BBB 24.”

“I’m trying to understand it, you know?! I have to read some comments, see the public's position because we are confused… In my head she would leave because of some positions in the game,” Deniziane said.

“I always emphasized there that I would judge them in the game because it is a game. Outside, in life, she is something else… She has her children, she has a much bigger thing! So that was her.” “The position in the game bothered me,” he emphasized.

Afterwards, the exsister claimed that although she did not consider Fernanda a “plant” in the house, she did not have access to her activities since the baker preferred to stay in the room when he met with the other people locked up.

“She stayed alone in her room, did not interact with anyone and did not insist on interacting with anyone. […] She is not a “plant”, she plays well, positions herself well, but that's why I say it's hard to judge… Because she spent a lot of time in the room and I didn't have access to the room, it's so “Difficult to talk” , he reflected.

Purpose in the game

Deniziane, who was touched again when she saw the video in which her son Lucca, just two years old, asks to stay on the reality show, said that he found in the little one the strength he needed to be on take part in the competition.

“My son is my life and if I was there, it was for him… He changed me as a woman and gave me a strength that only I can talk about,” she reflected. “I am a single mother, but not a single mother because the father plays his role, thank God. But going through that process was very difficult and it was my only certainty in life, you know,” the exsister said.

“I'm strong until now because I want to hug him and smell him… That's all I want now,” he said.

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