Lou Pascal Tremblay admits he doesn39t know if his character will

Lou-Pascal Tremblay admits he doesn't know if his character will return in STAT next year

While he portrayed emergency doctor Jacob Faubert STAT, actor Lou-Pascal Tremblay actually broke his hand on the job last fall. As the end of filming for the second season of the Radio-Canada daily draws ever closer, the artist shares his news with us.

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Lou-Pascal Tremblay was happy to take on the challenge of starring in a daily series for two years and didn't expect to actually break his hand on the STAT set a few months ago. His character, Jacob Faubert, discovered last fall after his mother's death that his father, who he thought had died during a trip to Thailand, was still alive. Frustrated as the investigation into his father's identity stalled, the emergency room doctor then hit a locker with all his might. A scene that will have had as great an impact in fiction as it did in reality. “What happened is that I lost my temper while filming that scene. Jacob was supposed to hit the locker, but when the time came, I was in the right place emotionally and hit way too hard. Then I broke my fifth metacarpal, what we in medical circles call “the boxer’s fracture.” By the end of the day my hand had become huge and you could see that my bone was out of place. So I went to the emergency room. At the hospital, people wondered what Dr. Jacob Faubert from STAT did there.”

When fiction meets reality

After this incident, producer Fabienne Larouche and author Marie-Andrée Labbé had to adapt. “When I asked, it was confirmed to me that an emergency doctor could continue to practice with a cast. So I was able to continue filming. So the reason for the presence of Jacob's cast is the same as in my real life.

The actor does not hide the fact that he still feels pain today. “I still have six months until I get better. Previously I had to immobilize my hand in a cast for several weeks before getting a splint. In the end I’m happy with my scene, but if I had to do it again I wouldn’t hit it so hard.”

A nebulous character

Aside from his injured hand, Lou-Pascal Tremblay loves bringing Jacob Faubert to life. “This role is the biggest challenge of my life! Jacob is a character full of secrets. It is not clear why he chose to work at Saint Vincent Hospital even though he had been accepted at the prestigious university hospital. He remains evasive on the subject, but there is definitely something fishy there. He also has a piece of the puzzle surrounding the death of François (Daniel Parent), the boyfriend of his colleague Emmanuelle (Suzanne Clément). What exactly does he know? This won't be revealed straight away. However, I can say that the investigation regarding his father will be completed by the end of the second season.

An uncertain return

The actor still doesn't know if his character will appear in STAT's third season. “At the moment there is only Suzanne Clément whose return has been confirmed. As for the other actors, only at the end of filming for the season will we know what will happen to our characters and whether they will return. We have a little less than 30 days left to shoot, and since we're getting our lines in bits and pieces, we all have our little theories about the ending. What is certain is that the actor will star in an as-yet-unannounced comedy in the spring. “It will be a new TV series in which I will play a lead role. It will really take me into a different niche.” On a personal level, the young man has been enjoying complete happiness alongside his girlfriend, content creator Marina Bastarache, for five years. “We've both worked very hard over the last few years and it's great to see how we're all developing on our own,” he concludes.

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