1664834879 In one Russian region half of the men mobilized for

In one Russian region, half of the men mobilized for the war are unfit for military service

In the Khabarovsk Krai, almost half of the men called back to war turned out to be unfit for military service.

In one Russian region half of the men mobilized for

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The first Russian military mobilization since World War II, declared by President Vladimir Putin on September 21, is proceeding with many difficulties.

The Kremlin’s decision – also given the recent impact on the battlefield – has caused widespread dissatisfaction among the population and also among officials responsible for the administration of military service, who in many cases would have sent a subpoena Men without the admission requirements had to take up arms and go into the trenches.

To gauge the profound difficulties of partial mobilization, this is happening in the Khabarovsk region, where military commissar Yuri Laiko was suspended from duty. “This will not affect the goal set by the President,” Vladimir Putin, the governor, said in a video published on Telegram. Mikhail Degtiariov, without explaining the precise reason for the action, merely saying: “Within ten days, several thousand of our compatriots received a summons and went to military police stations. We sent about half of them home because they did not meet the eligibility criteria for joining the Army”. And then: “The partial mobilization only affects the categories designated by the Ministry of Defense and the President. Any abuse must be punished.”

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1664834873 923 In one Russian region half of the men mobilized for

As is well known, on September 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the partial mobilization of the population for the struggle in Ukraine. Officially, this measure is said to include 300,000 reservists with military experience, but there are numerous reports of recruitment The elderly, students, the sick and conscripts without specialist knowledge. Last week, Putin asked to correct the “mistakes” of the mobilization that sparked protests across the country and drove thousands of men to flee abroad.