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GfVip, Signorini after the release of Bellavia: "A terrible TV site. We all got it wrong"

“What is about to begin is not an easy episode for many reasons. Many contenders have emerged in Big Brother’s history, but Marco Bellavia’s departure is not like any other. Marco has shown a psychological fragility that has worsened over time,” began Alfonso Signorini, presenter of the Canale 5 program, who directly addressed the question of the exclusion of the competitor who had spoken openly about psychological pain.

Signorini also made a mea culpa in his introductory monologue: “These were complicated days, we cannot pretend that nothing happened. Bad images, terrible images were spread to his discomfort, but also to your indifference, to your indifference to his pain, I don’t mean all of you, but many of you, and that has outraged millions of people, all of Italy only talks about it, we everyone is wrong For my part, tonight I will retrace what happened to try to get out of this terrible side of television.

GfVip, social controversy following the release of Marco Bellavia. And the sponsors distance themselves

by Giovanni Gagliardi October 03, 2022GfVip Signorini after the release of Bellavia quotA terrible TV

Meanwhile, many sponsors of the show distanced themselves from the show on the same day after this story had media and social impact on the show, also generating an ashtag #iostoconbellavia. “We are not in the Magistrate’s Court one day – said Signorini – we do not want to have summary proceedings, we will try to tell step by step what happened”. In connection with Rg5, the conductor announced “serious and irrevocable disciplinary action” against the competitors who had bullied Bellavia. “This show is life and pain because Marco’s pain is everyone’s pain. Big Brother tells it in his bluntness and that was definitely a punch in the gut.”