IN PICTURES A semi truck crashes into a home in

IN PICTURES | A semi-truck crashes into a home in Sherbrooke

A fairly spectacular accident occurred Thursday morning in Sherbrooke at the corner of Cabana Street and Galt Street West when a truck hit a residence and entered the building.

The accident occurred around 7:40 a.m. According to initial information, the semi-trailer truck failed to make its mandatory stop at the intersection. The driver allegedly attempted to avoid a vehicle traveling on Galt Street West and ended up inside the building.

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Off-camera, tenants told TVA Nouvelles that they heard a loud crash and felt an earthquake-like tremor.

The driver of the vehicle involved in the accident was treated for minor injuries.

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No one in the building was seriously injured because the affected room was unoccupied.

The tenants have now moved and will have to wait to gain access to their accommodation.

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The process of removing the truck is delicate. A team of structural engineers put together a plan Thursday afternoon to stabilize the building so it doesn't collapse when the truck arrives. removed.

According to the Sherbrooke Police Department, the truck will not be moved until Friday morning. Detours and detours are planned in the area during rush hour.

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Road inspectors will investigate this accident in the context of the Heavy Vehicles Act. Criminal charges could be filed later.