Normand Brathwaite Guy A Lepage and Fake News

Normand Brathwaite, Guy A. Lepage and “Fake News”

Have you seen this ad on Facebook alleging a major scandal at Radio-Canada, a major dispute between Guy A. Lepage and Normand Brathwaite? It's a scam! The main victim, Normand Brathwaite, is “in tabar***” and invites you not to fall into the trap. But honestly, looking at this ad, it's so obvious that it's false that I wonder how anyone could believe it's true.

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This advertisement, which aims to charge you $300 to buy Bitcoins, is presented as text from La Presse (with that newspaper's real logo). The title is spectacular. “Major scandal: ICI Télé management refuses to comment on its employee Guy A. Lepage.”

You should already know this because Guy A. is not an “employee” of Radio-Canada. But the first paragraph of this fake newspaper text is downright delusional: “During the live broadcast of Tout le monde en parole, a serious scandal broke out between presenter Guy A. Lepage and guest Normand Brathwaite. During a lively discussion, Guy A. Lepage questioned the credibility of Normand Brathwaite's comments and called him a liar in front of thousands of live viewers. In response to this incident, the television channel's management decided to take the interview off the air and refused to comment on the situation and Guy A. Lepage's behavior.

Seriously? Are there people who read this and believed it? Do you really think that Guy would call A. Normand a liar in front of hundreds of thousands of people and that…the show could be wiped from the airwaves with the wave of a magic wand? But if there were ever gullible people who had not yet smelled the fraud, then we continue to swim in surrealism in the text.

Here is the dialogue that supposedly took place: Guy A.: “You hardly work – it's impossible to believe that you live on one salary!” A year ago you were driving an old car and living in a small apartment. How did you manage to change all that? Norman: “It’s only been a year? For me it was like a past life! Today I live in a country house. A month ago I bought a rental apartment, I got rid of my old car a long time ago – now I drive a new Land Rover.” Hahahahahahahahaha! Normand Brathwaite, who drove an old car and lived in a small apartment? At least we can say that these scammers have a sense of humor. That people believed in this grotesque scam and then clicked on the link that made them donate $300 to buy Bitcoins and become as rich as Normand… that leaves me speechless.

The gullible

On Wednesday Normand Brathwaite told me at QUB: “I'm not afraid of artificial intelligence, I'm afraid of people using artificial intelligence.” And he added: “Instead of finding it funny, I'm starting to feel taboo , because you work all your life to build a good reputation. And their product is also garbage!”

And the most shocking thing is that these unscrupulous companies rely on the gullibility of vulnerable people!