1676825594 In protest at the crews decision a female passenger undresses

In protest at the crew’s decision, a female passenger undresses and asks to see the pilot

In protest at the crews decision a female passenger undresses

A passenger on board one of Aeroflot’s two daily flights between Stavropol and Moscow on an Airbus A320 plane has lost control after being caught smoking in the bathroom and being forced to put out her cigarette by the crew. Once she even took off her blouse and asked to speak to the commander.

According to the information given, the first reaction to insults about smoking and getting up with the seat belt sign on was to speak to the pilots and ask them to speak to them and force them into the cabin.

When she was unsuccessful, she removed her blouse and attacked a flight attendant. The woman’s video was blurry (below), but you can see how the scene unfolded as the crew member ordered her to “sit down and get dressed.” Apparently she did not take the order and bit the flight attendant in the shoulder, causing her to bleed.

It would be possible to put this down to a mental health episode, but she was certainly aware of her actions and their aftermath as she said: “I understand going to a psychiatric hospital or prison for trying that, but I demand to see the pilots.”

Striptease of a passenger of the flight “Aeroflot” Stavropol Moscow.
The woman smoked in the toilet, took off her clothes and began to break into the pilots, screaming that everyone was going to die. She then bit the stewardess and spent the rest of the flight in handcuffs. pic.twitter.com/DvEyUtp8OX

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Passengers and crew were able to control the situation. She was restrained with armbands for the remainder of the flight and police met the plane on arrival.

According to Aeroflot, the passenger ignored the crew’s repeated warnings and attempted to enter the cabin. Due to the destructive behavior, the aircraft commander decided to approve a containment agent.

The stateowned airline stressed that this case demonstrates once again the urgent need at the legislative level to step up punishment for turbulent passengers, including creating a single blacklist for all airlines, in a controversial measure, as it violates the rights to “go and come.” ‘ by travellers.