quotIn WWE it39s not enough to just be a good

"In WWE, it's not enough to just be a good fighter": Alberto, “El Patron” ESPN Deportes

January 27, 2024, 10:57 am ET

The son of Mexican legend Dos Caras debuted in WWE in 2010 under the name Alberto del Río, after a decades-long career in Mexico.

Alberto, “The Patron”the only Mexican-born fullweight champion WWEassured this Thursday that in the largest wrestling company in the world it is not enough to be a good gladiator in the ring, but you must also have stage skills.

“In the WWE You must have good technique and stage presence, know how to behave in public and what to do in front of the camera. “You have to tick all the boxes, it's no use having impressive talent in the ring if you don't have a physical presence or don't know how to communicate with the fans with the microphone,” he told EFE.

The son of the Mexican legend Two faces debuted in the WWE in 2010 under the name Alberto del Río, after a decades-long career in Mexico.

The role of the native of San Luis Potosi In the American company he was above all a tough guy, for which he had to improve his skills as an actor in the company's training center. WWE.

Alberto, “El Patrón,” WWE’s only Mexican-born heavyweight champion. EFE

“I didn’t let the ego take me into the clouds and I went into the clouds WWE school I want to learn how to speak in front of the microphone, know how to handle a camera and incorporate the theatrical part into my repertoire, something you don't learn in Mexico.”

In addition to learning how to deal with the camera, “The boss” He improved his knowledge of English, a prerequisite for becoming a superstar of the leading sports entertainment company, which, together with the UFC, a mixed martial arts championship, forms a commercial center worth 21,000 million dollars and is owned by Endeavor.

“I left with 35 or 40 percent English, the rest I learned there by speaking (…).” WWE They're not asking you to be a good actor, but rather asking you to come up with a story like that time I pulled over Santa Claus “at Christmas,” he added. The boss.

Since Alberto left the company in 2016, there has been no other Mexican to achieve his achievements, which include winning the award 2011 Royal Rumble and reigns with the company's most important titles.

After Alberto like fighters Mysticalwhich sparked the recent “boom” in wrestling in the first decade of the 2000s, but did not stand out in the world WWE for not speaking English fluently and not knowing how to behave in front of the camera, and more recently Andrade, one of the last talents in Mexico who has not captivated the company's directors.

Regarding his future, “El Patrón” admitted that he expects his retirement to last a maximum of four years due to a “personal” problem and that he is not losing sleep over a possible return to the club. WWE.

Alberto is there at the moment AAA wrestlingone of the two most important Mexican companies, and its next big event will be Rey de Reyes, which will be broadcast on Mexico on the Space Channel on February 3rd.