Inflated assets ordered Donald Trump to pay $354 million


Judge Arthur Engoron sentenced Donald Trump and his two sons Donald Jr. and Eric to pay 354 million in the civil trial in New York because they had inflated the assets of the family holding company in order to obtain more favorable conditions from banks and insurance companies. In addition to the $354 million in fines, Donald Trump was banned from doing business in New York state or holding top positions in a company in the area for three years, while his sons Eric and Don Jr. were banned from doing business in New York for two years and ordered to pay a fine of $4 million each.

A new legal defeat for Donald Trump after the confirmation of the trial in the case of porn star Stormy Daniels. Ivanka could now take over the leadership of the group. Instead, Engoron reversed his previous September ruling in which he ordered the “dissolution” of the holding company's parent companies, saying that this was no longer necessary because he would appoint an “independent monitor” to monitor the Trump Organization's activities should, which is, to a certain extent, a police station. The judge's decision could also deprive the tycoon of all his cash reserves as he bids for the Republican nomination.

Trump's lawyer: “A clear injustice” “A clear injustice.” This is how one of Donald Trump's lawyers defined the penalty of paying over $350 million for the inflated assets and the three-year ban from doing business or holding top positions in New York state. “New York is no longer open for business,” the lawyer attacked, Fox News reported. Trump's lawyer did the same

announced that the former president would appeal the verdict. “Catastrophic mistakes were made that we hope the appeals court will correct,” the lawyer said.