This is McDonald39s best idea in 53 years of history

This is McDonald's best idea in 53 years of history

MC Donalds surprised all of his customers with an idea that appealed to him emotions, to remember, into the powerful world of the past to relive stories from the present. And he did it in the middle of an offer for his sandwich Filet-O-Fish for Lent. We are talking about two different topics that we will discuss in this article for all lovers of this company.

The fast food company is clinging to nostalgia to strengthen its brand and announced in the last few hours that it will now capitalize on it Hamburglar, the historic hamburger thief who used to appear in their ads off and on a long time ago. The truth is that he has now appeared behind the wheel of a '70s Plymouth Barracuda.

In this context, McDonald's campaign reportedly brought Hamburglar aboard a customized 1970 Plymouth Barracuda. to tour the United States with one goal: to carry out the final hamburger heist. Can he do it?


MC Donalds

What does McDonald's advertising consist of?

McDonald's promotion is that you can scan the code when you see the vintage car in front of a McDonald's “to be rewarded with an Arch Card.” The fast food chain's offer states: “You'll also be rewarded with Hamburglar-inspired swag so you can try the delicious new burgers at your nearest McDonald's (before Hamburglar does).”

McDonald's is offering a deal on its Filet-O-Fish sandwich

On the other hand, we had expressed an offer for Lent. As reported in the last few hours, anyone who buys the crispy fish sandwich can only get a second one.

This campaign began on February 14, the first day of Lent, and will run until the end of March. This year Lent ends on Thursday March 28th. But be careful: the offer is only valid at participating locations.

The Filet-O-Fish, which the company says hails from Ohio, features a crispy fish fillet patty on melted American cheese, topped with creamy McDonald's tartar sauce.