ChatGPT on an iPhone does it better than Google Assistant

iOS 18 would be the update "the most important" the history of Apple

In the latest publication of his Power On newsletter, Bloomberg agency journalist Mark Gurman explains that iOS 18 should be a big step forward for Apple. He claims to have spoken to several sources and they agree that iOS 18 will be a real revolution, undoubtedly the most important change for the iPhone OS in the company's history.

At the moment, it's difficult to know what Apple plans to do with the next version of its operating system for the iPhone. The Apple brand is trying to keep its progress secret, but several analysts have already predicted a real leap forward for Siri, the iPhone's voice assistant.

IA and RCS the two stars of the year?

In general, iOS 18 should be all about AI. Artificial intelligence should take a prominent place in the iPhone operating system in order to make it easier to use and better understand user wishes. But AI is unlikely to be Apple's only project this year.

In fact, iOS 18 should include another big new feature: RCS. This standard proposed by Google should be available on iPhones by the end of the year. While Apple has long been fighting against RCS and its generalization, the Cupertino company will become one of the players in providing this new solution to discussions between individuals.

iOS 18: when and how?

Apple is expected to present a full presentation of iOS 18 during the next edition of WWDC, the week for developers around the world. During a conference that will be broadcast live on Apple's website and its YouTube channel, the Apple brand will present in detail the new software features of iOS 18.

The update will be available in beta form over the summer. The first versions for the general public are scheduled to appear in September, a few days after the release of a new generation of iPhone. – Official app – Official app

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