Islamic resistance in Iraq starts from attacks on US bases

Islamic resistance in Iraq starts from attacks on US bases in Syria O Cafezinho

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq, a group that includes several Iranbacked Shiite militias, claimed responsibility for three drone strikes on U.S. bases in Syria and a naval facility in Israel.

In an official statement, the group said its fighters fired explosivesladen drones against the alShaddadi, alTanf bases and the Rukban camp near the SyriaIraqJordan border.

In addition, the group claimed a fourth attack against the Zevulun naval installations near the Israeli city of Haifa.

There has been no confirmation from the US government about the connection between these attacks and the incident in which three soldiers were killed and another 25 injured.

Official US government information indicates that the victims were on Jordanian soil. However, government spokesman and Communications Minister Muhannad Mubaydin denied that an attack had occurred on Jordanian soil.

Since the escalation of the conflict in Gaza, which began on September 7, there have been frequent bombings of American bases by Shiite groups in Syria and Iraq.

The United States' presence in the region is disputed by several groups that view the American government, along with Israel, as one of the main instigators of the conflict.

With information from Sputnik