Mad in Italy the testimonials Gigi and Ross from Multiversum

Mad in Italy, the testimonials: Gigi and Ross from Multiversum (score 8.5), Gregoraci not received (score 5)

Gigi and Ross hid the fact that they were good for too long: grade 8.5

2023 was her year. And it seems that they have no intention of losing the priority they have gained. It all started with the drag victory at Non sono una Signora and then entered the second edition of the GialappaShow with their rare version of Carrion Colapesce and Dimartino as protagonists. Gigi and Ross, who host “Mad in Italy,” are in a different league than everyone else on stage with them. One wonders why they wanted to hide the fact that they are so good from us until now. The son of Elisabetta Gregoraci, who is portrayed as the “sinner's neighbor” due to their shared residence in Monte Carlo, becomes “Nathan Falco and the Winter Soldier.” Maybe two people in the room will understand it, but it will make you laugh a lot. The brilliant jokes they come up with always have to do with current events, and from Fleximan onwards they no longer feel old. And it's not obvious at all, just look at Zelig, which was recorded months before it aired. They close with a tribute to Cochi and Renato in front of the audience at the Rai headquarters in Naples, who look at them a bit like that. And the multiverse is served. Gigi and Ross, a clever song.

Gregoraci arrives by private jet and then fortunately disappears from the radar: grade 5

Elisabetta Gregoraci has to “moderate” at least a few shows a year. A timeless dogma of our television for so long that we have now gotten used to it. Now it's the turn of Mad in Italy, an offshoot of Made in Sud, also on Rai 2. The former VIP Gieffina and presenter of Battiti Live lands on a private jet as a gag. And as the program progresses, it actually continues to disappear. As the laughingstock of the show, she acts more like a punching bag: there isn't a comedian, including the hosts, who doesn't target her for a few quick jokes. She laughs happily about it. Hosting a show is certainly something different, but at least here the damage is limited. Whoever wrote the script for this episode knew how to play with humor. She has failed because she simply cannot save herself. But the writers are good at neutralizing it. Not received.

Leonardo Fiaschi is the best in the field with his “brilliant” Morgan: rating 8+

“If I want to see a genius today, I have to buy a mirror.” Snooty, unbearable, neurotic and more self-centered than ever before, Leonardo Fiaschi returns in the role of an excellent Morgan. “Elisabetta is a great music expert because she knows Briatoven well. Who, by the way, is the same age as Beethoven.” He doesn’t keep half of it, real sniper. He attacks the audience, threatens to leave, mistakes Gregoraci for Gigi and Ross and vice versa, and tries to pass off the ringtone of an old cell phone as classical music. “Up close, you look like Paola Marella!” the presenters poke at him, and he says he has just come from the dressing room: “I was there with Elisabetta and the Blue One from the Power Rangers.” We had a séance to talk to Red Ronnie. Finally he says goodbye by quoting a Shakespeare play (?): “Lust, double lust!” and tells everyone to go to hell: “Do you know what I would rather do than stay here? I'm going to be a wanted man on Who Saw It?” So he leaves the scene while Gigi and Ross are still wondering why he's walking “like a T-Rex.” No answer at the moment. Only applause for the best on the pitch.

Vincenzo Albano returns as the slimy Enzo Ratti: Rating 5.5

He was more effective as a social media manager than Zelig. In fact, in the platoon that once defended joy, he stood out, along with the conductors and almost no one else, as one of the best in his field. Here at Mad in Italy he unfortunately decides to play the role of talent scout Enzo Ratti, the one who wants to “find” new talent. “Since you’ve been here, you’ve already been discovered,” he says to Gregoraci, who obviously laughs heartily. He then tries to “figure out” Gigi's (or Ross'?) wife by inviting her to host his own show: “I'm desperately looking for a house, but the car is fine too.” The audience in the theater peels away the hands, but Enzo Ratti is really too drooling to be even funny on the whole. One spot too many. Sin.

Marco Turano is a Sigfrido Ranucci with curlers: rating 7.5

If there is something to criticize about the management, it is the bad habit of not always announcing the comedians' names. By hook or by crook we still managed to find Marco Turano's film “Report”, which was produced in an excellent parody of Sigfrido Ranucci. “They tried to silence us, they tried to intimidate us. When it would have been enough to corrupt us. So he enters the scene for the first time (and it won't be the last) with a slap in the face. In fact, Turano-Ranucci conducts a separate investigation into hosts Gigi and Ross: “Who are they really?” Why did they choose these nicknames? And who brought them here? The Camorra? The Chinese Mafia? Caritas?”. That she shows up first with two yellow hair clips on her head and then with a large amount of curlers makes no sense at all. But it adds peaks of surreality, it's fun. See you next Monday for the searing revelations of the “Escorts not paid by Gigi and Ross” More than a shoulder, an (excellent) thorn in the side.

Boldi returns to Cipollino with an unsuccessful homage to himself: rating 5-

“Give me a razor blade and I'll cut off my balls,” sings Massimo Boldi, back in the role of Max Cipollino, a not-so-successful homage to himself. First we see him on stage as a guest star drummer and so far it's been damaging it not. Then, despite its brevity, the sketch is boring with jokes that come straight from the eighties and that perhaps should have been left there. “Lake Garda is called that because everyone says: 'Garda, Garda, how beautiful!'”. Good to know. Then: “In China a rooster laid an egg and said: 'Pain, oh what a pain!'.” He was taken to the polyclinic (sic) and there his meniscus was repaired.” Finally space for the story of “Doctor Gino Pari, also known as Pari Gino. He discovered that older people with high blood pressure feel dizzy, while older people with low pensions feel dizzy.” And when you laugh? Actually never.

The blue crab shouting “I’m coming!” and other people shouting: Rating 4

Mad in Italy has a huge studio, two out of three presenters who work very well, many spectators who peel their hands and even an orchestra on stage. So the only thing missing are comedians who can at least put a smile on your face. The name is wrong from the start: a guy dressed as a blue crab obsessively shouts “Vengranch'io!” and that he has the unfortunate intention of making it a catchphrase. Then things go from bad to worse with Arteteca, the Cera Quartet, Pablo and Pedro and other screaming monstrosities raging in vain and trying to be funny. Made in Sud's veterans are generally a liability, humiliating the show. The one who doesn't even try is Claudio Sciara from Rome, who delivers a monologue that is boring but goes against the trend: in a low voice, full of silence. And boredom, especially boredom. There is hardly any laughter as the audience's eardrums have already begun the process of applying for political asylum at Guantánamo. But it's only the first episode. A promise or a threat?