Israel Hamas war Hezbollah claims drone fire on Iron Dome

Israel Hamas war: Hezbollah claims drone fire on Iron Dome battery | LIVE I24 i24 in French

Lebanon: New attacks by the Israeli army against Hezbollah terrorist infrastructure, including an airstrip

The IDF attacked a number of Hezbollah targets, including an airstrip used by the terrorist organization and military buildings and sites used by its air force unit. The destroyed runway is probably that of the “airport” that the Israeli defense minister spoke of before the war.

Indeed, in his speech at the Anti-Terrorism Policy Institute's annual conference in September 2023, Yoav Gallant had shown photos of a site depicted as “an airport built by Iran for terrorist purposes,” just 20 kilometers from the Israeli border. “The photos show the Iranian flag flying over the airlines from which the Ayatollah regime plans to take action against the citizens of Israel. In other words: the country is Lebanese, the control is Iranian, the target is Israel,” Gallant said.

Israeli Ministry of DefenseIranian-built airstrip for Hezbollah drones in southern Iran. Israeli Ministry of Defense