Alabama Kenneth Smith is executed with nitrogen how it works

Alabama, Kenneth Smith is executed with nitrogen: how it works. “He risks cruel, even forbidden suffering

L'Alabama will execute an inmate today by forcing him to breathe pure nitrogen in a mask, a method that is also approved in Mississippi and Oklahoma but has never been used and is considered unacceptable by veterinarians, even as a form of euthanasia for animals. The person sentenced to death penalty is called Kenneth Smith59 years old, on death row in Holman Prison for 34 years for killing Elizabeth Sennett in 1988 on behalf of her husband, an indebted pastor who wanted to collect the insurance premium and then committed suicide.

At trial, the jury voted 11-1 to give the defendant a life sentence, but the judge overturned the decision and imposed the death penalty. The first attempt at a lethal injection over a year ago failed and turned into real torture: the doctors pierced his hands and arms with the syringe for more than an hour, but could not find the vein and interrupted the execution at risk of the expected deadlines cannot comply.