1706193982 Kate Middleton hid her planned abdominal surgery from her loved

Kate Middleton hid her “planned” abdominal surgery from her loved ones and some members of the British royal family La Patilla

Kate Middleton hid her planned abdominal surgery from her lovedThe crown is one of the new Princess of Wales' favorites

The unexpected Abdominal surgery of Princess of Wales, Kate MiddletonLast week it wasn’t just “a SurpriseThis shocked the whole world, but also those close to him. As People revealed on Wednesday, the news was so sudden that it surprised not only those closest to him, but also those who “work closely” with the company. Royalty British.

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Shortly before his hospitalization on January 16, there were “no signs that anything was wrong with Middleton,” but the Kensington Palace reported in a statement that his surgical procedure was complete “planned”, even though his closest circle didn't know about it. Everything seems to indicate that the Duchess of Cambridge was keeping a top secret for some still unknown reason.

Her last public appearance was on December 25, when she was seen with her husband at a Christmas service Prince Guillermoand his children, the Prince GeorgeThe Princess Charlotte and that Prince Louis. The 42-year-old princess was warm and cheerful as she exchanged jokes with the audience, suggesting she was in a state of despair Welfare which now contrasts with the reality of his hospital stay.

Recently, People reported that Middleton celebrated her Birthday this January 9th during a private meeting in Adelaide Cottage, Windsor, England, where he was apparently doing phenomenally. However, the surprise came when Guillermo resumed his public duties on January 11, but Kate had not confirmed hers, which led to changes and expansions of the agenda Worries behind the scenes.

Seven days later it was enough for the palace to announce that the Princess of Wales had undergone abdominal surgery in which she would die hospitalized until 14 days. Although it was an “important” procedure, it was confirmed to be unrelated Cancer. He added that it was “unlikely” that Kate would fulfill her obligations until after the season. Easter.

“He is in good hands and will receive a lot of care and support at home,” reported sources close to the company. Real home. His parents, Michael And Carole MiddletonHe will be “a calming presence as he returns to Windsor to recover” and will also play a fundamental role in raising his three young grandchildren.

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