Israel has arrested 7225 Palestinians in the West Bank since

Israel has arrested 7,225 Palestinians in the West Bank since October

The institution condemned in a statement that the arrest campaign was unprecedented and said it was part of the strategy of aggression against the Palestinian people and the ongoing genocide in the Gaza Strip.

Earlier this month, the club condemned the increase in crimes by the Israeli police and army against detainees.

“The most notorious crimes include torture, ill-treatment, severe beatings, threats to shoot, on-site interrogations, threats of rape, and the use of police dogs and citizens as human shields,” he warned.

The club highlighted that since October 7, the military has issued more than 2,850 administrative detention orders, a process used to detain Palestinians for renewable periods, typically between three and six months, based on undisclosed evidence which even the defendant's lawyer is not allowed to see.

Palestinians and human rights groups say administrative detention violates due process because it prevents evidence from being produced against prisoners while they are held for extended periods without charge, trial or conviction.

According to official figures, there were around 8,800 Palestinians in Israeli prisons at the end of 2023, including 80 women.