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Russian bombing destroys railway station in eastern Ukraine

According to Ukrainian sources, Russia fired heavily at the small town of Kostiantynivka in the Donetsk region. One person was injured, the region's military governor, Vadym Filaschkin, said today on Telegram.

According to Ukrainian police, several buildings were damaged by shelling, including a church and the railway station building. Photos and videos show that the station building is practically in ruins.

The Russian military is said to have used converted S-300 anti-aircraft missiles for the attack. Russia has frequently used this in the past to carry out attacks against civilian targets in Ukraine.

16 drones intercepted

Last night, Russia once again fired drones at the neighboring country. According to Ukrainian anti-aircraft defense, 16 of the 18 drones launched were intercepted.

According to authorities, an infrastructure object was damaged in the Khmelnytskyi region in western Ukraine, and in Mykolaiv in southern Ukraine, several cities had their power supply cut off due to damage to a power line.

However, the Donetsk region is considered one of the most severely damaged regions. The Russian military is paving its advance with heavy bombing in areas close to the front. Following the recent capture of the small town of Avdiivka, the neighboring village of Lastochkyne to the west is said to have fallen into Russian hands.