Israel surprisingly releases 50 Palestinian prisoners Gaza Aid Line Massacre

Israel surprisingly releases 50 Palestinian prisoners. Gaza Aid Line Massacre, Borrell: “Unacceptable Bloodbath”

Mar 1, 2024 12:08:19 p.m

Gaza, humanitarian aid was dropped from planes

Humanitarian aid from Egypt, Jordan and France was also dropped off from Egyptian aircraft flying over the Gaza Strip today – for the fifth day in a row. This was reported by local sources, who said the aid packages were reported today in the northern part of the Strip: in the Jabalya area and in some districts of Gaza City. However, residents point out that these are rather limited quantities. According to their estimates, the amount of aid transported in each plane is equivalent to that of two trucks.

03/01/2024 09:45:13

Israel surprisingly releases 50 Palestinian prisoners

Last night, Israel surprisingly released around 50 Palestinian prisoners who were arrested after October 7th. The media cited a statement from the Shin Bet (Internal Security) and the army that said the decision was made due to prison overcrowding.

But Minister of National Security Itamar Ben Gvir wrote on In his opinion, a wrong move, he added, since it took place “on the day two Jews were killed in an attack” in the West Bank.

03/01/2024 09:03:41

Israel has appointed Egypt hostages that it will not release

Channel 12 reported that an Israeli delegation in Cairo this week to discuss the details of a possible deal to release hostages with Egyptian officials presented a list of Palestinian detainees it will not release if a deal is reached with Hamas becomes. This is reported by the Times of Israel. The delegation will return to Cairo next week for further talks.

03/01/2024 08:32:26

Israel denies “deaths caused by crowds”

There was another massacre Gaza on the 145th day of the war but the versions of Hamas and from Israel they diverge. The Islamic faction condemned the killing of 112 Palestinians in northern Gaza – and the wounding of 760 others – who were shot dead by the Israeli army while “waiting in line to receive humanitarian aid.”

An accusation that the IDF strenuously denied, speaking of two separate episodes that took place hundreds of meters apart, with in the first case “the crush caused by the crowd causing most of the deaths.” He did admit that the soldiers fired at a later date, far from that point, “with the feeling of being threatened by hundreds of Palestinian civilians.”

The fact is that Hamas has warned that the affair could ruin ongoing negotiations in Qatar over a possible ceasefire in the conflict and the hostage exchange. A risk that US President Joe Biden also invoked, while Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu limited himself to noting that “it cannot yet be said whether an agreement will be reached in the next few days,” without saying so in the evening press conference a word to say about events in Gaza.

The Hamas version speaks of “an Israeli attack on people waiting for food aid near Al-Rashid Street south of Gaza City.”