Taylor Swift was hidden at several parties by Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift was hidden at several parties by Travis Kelce before their relationship became public

According to Kansas City Chiefs coach, 'Cruel Summer' singer managed to attend games without anyone knowing (AP)

Before the cameras caught Taylor Swift in the stands in support of the Kansas City Chiefsthe singer was already one silent and constant presence in the stadiums. According to data from Dave MerrittHe Trainer Defensive team NFLthe pop star began attending games to support her boyfriend Travis Kelce long before it was seen publicly for the first time in the final months of 2023.

Swift marked the beginning of their relationship's public visibility captured in the stands on September 24th in the game against the Chicago Bears. However, in an interview on The Sports Shop podcast last Friday, Merritt said she was already known to the team: “When she started showing up, it was private. She came into the stadiums without people knowing until the camera put her in the spotlight“.

The coach said that when he met Taylor, he felt like he “really contributed to what we wanted to accomplish.” “Because there were a lot of people who hated that it was on TV. We said, you know what? You are part of our family Because you're with Travis, so you're ours little sister“, he explained.

Chiefs coach Dave Merritt said that when he met with Taylor, he felt like “he really contributed to what we wanted to accomplish” (Source: Jay Biggerstaff – USA TODAY Sports)

In addition, Merritt said he is sure that the Cruel Summer interpreter has done them a lot of good, as she is Kelce's joy: “She really is He has had a positive influence on the team. It wasn't negative. Everyone was happy that Travis was happy. When my player, my brother, is happy by my side, it helps me and encourages me. Travis arrived a changed man“.

The Chiefs tight end won greater notoriety In the world of the NFL in recent months, he has been on the field throughout the season, not only for his great athletic achievements, but also for his high-profile love affair with one of the biggest stars in current music: Taylor Swift.

The Rumors The burgeoning romance between the celebs, both 34, began making the rounds earlier this season after Travis joked about trying on his New Heights podcast Give Swift a friendship bracelet with his phone number when he offered one of his Eras Tour's concerts in Kansas City last July.

According to Merritt, Swift “has had a positive impact on the team. It wasn't negative. Everyone was happy that Travis was happy.” EFE/John G. Mabanglo

After being named Time's 2023 Person of the Year in December, the singer confirmed in an interview with the magazine that “we started dating right after the Travis anecdote.”

Swift confirmed what the Chiefs coach revealed this week She and Kelce had seen each other privately before. after she began sitting in the team box with her boyfriend's family and friends last September. “So We had a significant amount of time where no one knew anythingwhich I really appreciate because we got to know each other,” he said.

Since then, the couple has proven the strength of their relationship to the present. After a season of supporting her boyfriend at his sporting events, Travis landed in the Emerald City of Sydney, Australia last week, before the three concerts of the artist in this city.

After a season of supporting her boyfriend at his sporting events, Kelce joined her for a few days during her tour in Sydney. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Actually it is route of the happy couple seems to have already been set for the rest of the next few months. Sources told People about their excitement about their travel plans together, particularly to Europe, where Swift will continue her Eras tour starting May 9 in Paris.

“Are They are making plans for the summer and are looking forward to traveling through Europe together when Taylor makes her tour there,” the source said.