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Israeli attack on a hospital in Jenin. Military men dressed as doctors and women News Ansa.it ​​​​

Three people have been killed by Israeli forces at a West Bank hospital, according to the Palestinian Authority. Israeli forces killed the three on Tuesday morning at Avicenna Hospital in Jenin in the northern West Bank, the Palestinian Health Ministry said.

“Three martyrs were killed by the occupying forces in the hospital of Avicenna,” the ministry wrote.

In a joint statement, the Israeli army, internal security and police said that the operation in Jenin killed “three terrorists” who were hiding in the local hospital, suggesting that the first was “Mohammed Jalamneh, a “Hamas terrorist” who “planned an attack inspired by October 7th.” The other two are – according to the same source – Mohammed Ghazawi “an agent of the battalions”.
Jenin” and his brother “Basel Ghazawi, from Islamic Jihad”.

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A video posted online and filmed by Israeli media also appears to show some of the IDF commandos dressed as doctors or Palestinian women.

The Israeli special forces entered the Jenin hospital “individually: one dressed as a woman, the other as an elderly person, one as local staff, while another was holding a child seat.” A hospital medical source who was present at the Israeli special forces operation told Haaretz.

“After gathering on the third floor, they went to the room where the three were, shot them at point-blank range and left,” he added, explaining that there were ten other people in the same department and no one was injured. According to the same source, the video circulating on social media shows the end of events as the three left the hospital; Plus, no one from the hospital noticed the entrance
Special forces in the medical complex.

Video Israeli soldiers disguised as doctors attack the hospital in Jenin

The army later said Jalameh “had contacts with Hamas headquarters abroad.” “In addition – he added – he transferred weapons and ammunition to terrorists to encourage armed attacks.” “For a long time,” the army continued, “the suspects hid in hospitals and used them as a base for planning terrorist activities and carrying out terrorist attacks in the belief that the exploitation of the hospitals served to protect them from anti-terrorist activities.” Israeli security. This – he stressed – is another cynical example of the use of civilian areas and hospitals as refuges and human shields by terrorist organizations.

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Hamas: “A cowardly crime, it will not go unanswered”

“It is a cowardly crime that will not go unanswered.” This was supported on Telegram by Hamas, which said it mourned the martyrs killed by the Israeli army while hiding in the hospital in Jenin. According to Hamas, “The resistance forces, which have sworn to fight the occupation until its ouster, will not be intimidated by the killings or crimes of the enemy.”

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