It breaks into the ski slope but does not go

It breaks into the ski slope, but does not go unnoticed: the VIDEO

A video that has gone viral online shows an encounter between some American skiers and a black bear.


It happened on Lake Tahoe, on the California-Nevada border. A group of skier went down rail when, around 11 a.m They experienced a very special encounter. While they were Have fun, A young man crossed the track Black bear.

The Video shows that skiers and Snowboarder They definitely stayed astonished from the meeting, but they made it avoid the animal. Despite it scared At first the young skier succeeded resume the scene in its entirety.

Once Posted it went viral in no time. The young He also said he wasn't even there smart have had one close encounter with a black bear toanimal he wasn't very close to him.

Stay in Lane

The almost an accident It happened on Sunday when a group of boys were walking down the river Rail, cross on skis and snowboards a coniferous forest around the Alpine lake of North America.

It is one of the most important Sightseeing features Winter in Nevada and California. A encounter which in reality should not have been amaze to see that the mountains and the Forests They are the natural home of bears. Perhaps it is more accurate to say that they are Ski slopes and the tourist facilities that cross them the mountains.

So bring confusion to the animals that naturally live there. it works underlined that fortunately no one was injured. THE Boys They came out with just a simple shock. It was actually one young bear who ran towards him mummy.


And that's that Reason So he ran around the track. L'American black bear o Ursus Americanus is very common in this area of ​​America. This is quite a beast small, whose weight and dimensions can be up to half one of which European brown bear.

Black bears

The latter is generally the case currently also in the Italian Alps. They are animals that live on Mountains, but they often adapt to it live even near urban areas, a Contact fellow men.

Unlike the black bears who do that they are getting closer less for humans. they prefer Step away quickly when they hit them instead attack them. Certainly thatattack it may be possible, but only in very extreme cases.

She Accidents I'm actually with these bears very rare and, according to what was said Department of the state's fish and wildlife when they occur, never fatal . They are very widespread in California. Region in which the Population largest in the United States.