What is lung cancer a disease that plagued Sasha Montenegro

What is lung cancer, a disease that plagued Sasha Montenegro before her death?

Lung cancer, disease from which Sasha Montenegro suffered (Illustrative Image Infobae)

Sasha Montenegroa well-known actress of Italian-Mexican origin, died in an accident at the age of 78 stroke resulting from an advanced Lung cancer. His death occurred in the privacy of his home in Cuernavaca, Morelosa place where she spent her final moments in an atmosphere of peace and serenity, accompanied by her loved ones.

Sasha Montenegro has passed away (Photo: Television Image Capture)

He Lung cancerclassified as one of the Types of cancer The most widespread disease and leading cause of death worldwide is under constant investigation by the international medical community. The majority of cases correspond to this fatal diagnosis non-small cell carcinoma, which covers approximately 85%. On the other hand, that is small cell carcinoma is characterized by its aggressiveness and rapid expansion.

This Respiratory diseases They usually manifest themselves through signs and symptoms that may not be noticeable in the early stages, making their early detection difficult. The most common signs include persistent cough – which can vary in intensity or type -, difficulty breathing, chest pain, voice changes, unexplained weight loss and a constant feeling of fatigue – elements that should alert the individual to the need for a thorough clinical examination. T

In addition, a frequency of recurrent respiratory infections has been observed in patients later diagnosed with this type of cancer.

Oncologist observes a lung x-ray (Shutterstock)

The presence of such symptoms implies the urgency of consulting medical professionals to ensure accurate detection by carrying out specific studies. Detecting the disease in its early stages represents an ongoing challenge for doctors, but is crucial to increasing the chances of effective treatment and potentially protecting lives.

Awareness of early signs and access to quality information about how to combat them are essential tools in the fight against lung cancer.

X-ray of a lung (Europa Press)

Every year the scientific community promotes understanding of this disease and develops new methods for its diagnosis and treatment. However, prevention by reducing risk factors remains the most effective strategy to combat the incidence of this cancer.

Educating and educating the population about the dangers of smoking, the main preventable cause of lung cancer, and the importance of going to the doctor at the first signs are essential steps to reduce the number of cases and related deaths.

Sasha Montenegro died at the age of 78 (Photo: Special)

Montenegro, known for her rich career in Mexican cinema and television, was also known for her marriage to the former president. Jose Lopez Portillo, which kept her in the public spotlight throughout her life. The actress who was born in Italy After obtaining Mexican citizenship, she achieved a prominent career in the entertainment industry, participating in a variety of projects that made her one of the most recognizable personalities of her generation.

Authorities of Morelos confirmed the death and noted that details of the memorial service will be communicated to the press in a timely manner.

Sasha Montenegro has passed away PHOTO: Iván Stephens/CUARTOSCURO.COM

In the seventies and eighties, Montenegro shone in Mexican cinema, where her talent and charisma led her to take part in numerous highly successful film productions. Beyond his artistic career, his personal life, including his association with such an important political figure as López Portillo, attracted great interest and at times controversy.

However, she always remained steadfast and dignified before public opinion and was distinguished by her strength and commitment to various social causes.

Montenegro and López Portillo Photos: Archive

His legacy in the entertainment industry and his life story have left an indelible mark on Mexican popular culture. Admirers, colleagues and family members have begun to express their condolences and remember with affection and respect a woman who, beyond her achievements on the big screen and her relationship with politics, will be remembered for her humanity and her contribution to art and culture . Mexican culture.