It is not regulated by decree So Boldrini denies himself

“It is not regulated by decree”. So Boldrini denies himself

To the Laura Boldrini Criminal matters are not regulated by ordinance. This was written in a tweet referring to the decree by which the Council of Ministers, led by President Meloni, introduced the new decree punishing organizers rave party. “There is already a rule against intrusion into public and private spaces – he wrote – the new crime can hit anyone who organizes demonstrations and protests and does not settle criminal cases decree“.

But even that femicide, so dear to Mr Boldrini’s heart, was introduced by decree. 2013 when you were Speaker of the House of Representatives. And she spent a lot of money on this decree, which introduced new aggravating factors into the penal code to defend women who have been victims of violence. So much so that with the resistance of 5 star clockwork and Vice-President Luigi Di Maio, Boldrini called the Chamber during the August 20 vacation to set up an appointment. The decree, which, in addition to the rules to combat the murder of women, also contained provisions on public order, civil protection and the administration of the provinces, was thus issued by the then Council of Ministers Enrico Letta.

On that occasion, Boldrini wrote: “The government has done a good job with the decree adopted today in the Council of Ministers, to address the issue of femicide, violence against women and stalking. It is just as important to have dealt with the problem of cyberbullying, which particularly affects young people and their relationship with the Internet. It is also noteworthy that today’s decree contains measures aimed at foreigners affected by violence. The decree is the sign of growing attention to these issues”.

This decree, which introduced increased sentences, immediate arrests and direct conviction, targeted exactly that criminal cases by decree. Exactly what Boldrini writes today should not be done. But that obviously suited her for a murder of a woman.