1667500519 Kim Kardashians daughter wears Jacksons hat as a costume

Kim Kardashian’s daughter wears Jackson’s hat as a costume

Celebrities get plenty of inspiration when crafting their Halloween costumes, and of course, their kids are no exception. But not only that, some of them cause controversy for the same reason. This is the case of North West, Kim Kardashian’s daughter, who dressed up as the emblematic Michael Jackson in 1988, wearing two of the official clothes he used in his music video “Smooth Criminal”.

Unlike the Marilyn Monroe dress Kim wore on the Met Gala red carpet, which brought her scathing criticism from netizens and professional collectors alike for wearing a dress that was years old and had great historical weight that The hat her little girl used for the costume was a gift the socialite gave her in 2019.

Northwest Michael costume

Despite the fact that the “King of Pop” hat was auctioned alongside a velvet jacket Jackson wore to Elizabeth Taylor’s 65th birthday party in 1997, which Kim bought and subsequently gave to her daughter for Christmas up north, many users have criticized the nine-year-old Girl for not storing these items with due care.

After what happened to Marilyn’s dress, the International Council of Museums banned the use of celebrity garments of historical value, declaring that they should not be used by anyone, public or private, since improper handling of the object will destroy it can.

Northwest USA Hat

Because of this, many of the netizens voiced their disapproval and, of course, Kim was criticized for allowing her eldest daughter to wear Michael Jackson’s hat to celebrate Halloween.

Among the comments that can be read on social networks, the fact that, despite the economic possibility of buying such valuable objects, the fact that they are objects of historical value, and even some they came into question, stands out. what is the celebrity obsession with wearing the attire of deceased icons.

Michael Jackson hat

However, not all opinions were in the spirit of criticism, as some fans shared that North West looked fabulous with her look and that they just hoped that the girl didn’t lose or damage the item at her party.