Latvia the strongest prime ministers party after the election

Italian coastguard rescues around 50 refugees

According to an aid organisation, the Italian coastguard brought about 50 refugees to safety after repeated emergency calls. The organization Alarm Phone said on Twitter yesterday that it was “relieved to confirm that the Italian Coast Guard has finally rescued the people” who started calling for help on Sunday. Further details about those rescued were not known.

Médecins sans Frontières said earlier that it had been alerted by the Alarm Phone about a boat with about 45 people in danger. A request for intervention by the Italian authorities went unanswered, according to an MSF spokesperson.

Conflict with the law possible

A mission could have brought the aid organization into conflict with the Italian authorities over a new law. He plans to limit the number of rescues per exit to limit the number of people brought ashore.

The ultra-right Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni took office in Rome in October. His right-wing government had promised during the election campaign to prevent the arrival of refugees in Italy.