Covid Explosion of cases in China European Union meets on

Covid Explosion of cases in China: European Union meets on Wednesday to agree joint measures for

An epidemic outbreak of COVID-19 currently raging in China is raising fears about the emergence of new variants in Europe.

Representatives of the Twenty-Seven state health authorities are to discuss a coordinated European-level response to the fOutbreak of COVID-19 currently raging in China, announced the Swedish Presidency of the Council of the European Union on Monday. “A meeting of the Integrated Political Crisis Response in English-Editor’s Note (IPCR) is scheduled for Wednesday, January 4th to take stock of the evolving situation of the COVID epidemic – 19 in China and discuss possible coordinated action at EU levelsaid a spokeswoman for Sweden’s rotating presidency, which began on Sunday.

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A previous meeting last Thursday via video conference between around a hundred representatives of the governments of the Twenty-Seven, European health authorities, the European Commission and the World Health Organization (WHO) had not made it possible to define new joint measures for the block scale. Since then, Italy, which was the only country at the time to introduce controls for travelers from China, has been joined in this approach notably by Spain and France.