War in Ukraine right Moscow admits massacre of Russian soldiers

War in Ukraine, right. Moscow admits massacre of Russian soldiers in Makiivka. Reporter picture wounded by a s

2023-01-03 12:49:15

Kyiv: City in Donetsk hit by artillery, one civilian killed

This morning Russian troops fired artillery at a residential area in the city of Kurakhovo in the Donetsk region, killing one civilian and wounding two others. The shots hit an apartment building and damaged a water supply system. This was announced by the head of the regional administration Pavel Kirilenko, quoted by Ukrainska Pravda. Kirilenko pointed out that the entire Donetsk region is dangerous for civilians and called for their evacuation.

2023-01-03 11:08:37

Kyiv: 100% of Russian drones destroyed in two days

“Ukrainian air defense destroyed 84 Iranian-made drones in the first two days of the new year. That is, 100% of the drones launched by Russian troops,” Air Force spokesman Yuri Ignat said on TV. And he added that since September, Ukrainian forces have destroyed nearly 500 enemy drones. «In two days, 84 drones were shot down: 100% of those launched. These results have never been achieved before,” he said.

2023-01-03 10:20:23

Kyiv: Ukrainian troops advance toward Svatove-Kreminna

According to exiled Luhansk Governor Sergy Gaidai, the Ukrainian Defense Forces are gradually advancing towards Svatove-Kreminna. At the same time, the Russians defend themselves, but are pushed back at Stelmakhivka and Makiivka. UNIAN brings it back. “We control the R-66 highway, Ukrainian units manage to enter and destroy enemy equipment,” Gaidai said.

2023-01-03 10:19:41

Ukrainian attack on Russian forces in Zaporizhia

According to local Ukrainian publication Ria Melitopol, Kyiv forces yesterday hit Russian units in Pology, Zaporizhia region: “The explosions lasted more than two hours, the number of bodies of Russian soldiers was so high that they were not taken to the streets “.

2023-01-03 09:08:11

Reporter picture injured by shrapnel

A Bild reporter was injured in the head by shrapnel after an explosion in Ukraine. The German tabloid itself made it known. Reporter Björn Stritzel later shared that the wound was not serious and that he was in good condition.

2023-01-03 09:07:02

An average of 538 Russian conscripts died in the last 3 months

At least 538 mobilized Russian conscripts have died in the past three months, according to Russia’s BBC News and independent Russian news site Mediazona, which lists the names of the victims. The average age of the dead is 30-35 years. “Actual casualties among those mobilized could be much higher as many reports of soldiers killed in Ukraine since October do not state their status. It is sometimes impossible to tell whether a person was serving as a career soldier, a volunteer combatant or a conscript, the BBC reports, adding that 46 mobilized Russians were killed in the last week alone. In late October, Russia said it had mobilized 300,000 conscripts with an average age of 35. According to Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, about 80,000 were sent to Ukraine, almost half of them at the front. An analysis by Mediazona estimates that around 492,000 men have been conscripted into the Russian army since President Vladimir Putin announced the “partial mobilization” of 300,000 men on September 21.

2023-01-03 09:06:29

War-related cyber campaigns, 13,000 attacks in Italy

The geopolitical tensions surrounding the war in Ukraine are having “significant implications” for cybersecurity, with “massive campaigns” at the international level against critical infrastructure, financial systems and businesses, ranging from phishing to malware to disinformation. In 2022, Cnaipic, the structure of the Postal and Communications Police specializing in cybersecurity, detected 12,947 attacks (+138%, compared to 5,435 in 2021) and 332 people were investigated (+78% compared to the previous year). In addition, 113,226 warnings were issued (a slight increase of 2% compared to last year).

2023-01-03 09:05:32

Russia admits massacre of soldiers in Makiivka

Pro-war bloggers in Russia admit Makiivka was struck, where a Ukrainian attack left dozens dead among Moscow soldiers. “What happened in Makiivka is appalling,” wrote Archangel Spetznaz Z, a military blogger with over 700,000 followers on Telegram. “Anyone who came up with the idea of ​​accommodating a large number of soldiers in a single building, even a madman, understands that even with an artillery attack there would have been many dead or wounded. But the commanders didn’t care. Every mistake has a name,” he added. “Keeping forces in buildings rather than in barracks directly aids the enemy. It is necessary to draw the hardest conclusions,” said Andrei Medvedev, an ultra-conservative journalist and Moscow State Duma deputy. Vladlen Tatarsky, the military blogger whom Putin met at the Kremlin in September, has called for a tribunal for military leaders, “untrained idiots.”

War in Ukraine, right. On New Year’s Eve, Ukrainian forces inflicted a devastating blow on the enemy: a rocket attack on a Russian base in Makiivka in the Donbass, causing a massacre. For Kyiv, 400 soldiers would be killed, while Moscow speaks of 63 victims. Despite this, it was one of the greatest casualties in a single operation since the beginning of the war. On the other hand, for the third straight day, Kyiv and several other areas of the country have been hit by Iranian-made missiles and drones.