Its always noon what a hustle and bustle behind the

It’s always noon, what a hustle and bustle behind the scenes 🗣️: the unexpected surprise for the host 😱 Moms in the Kitchen

Antonella Clerici recently received an unexpected surprise behind the scenes of It’s Always Noon. Here’s what happened.

It’s always noon always confirms success. The years go by – we are exactly third – but nothing changes: the format is liked and that never changes.

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Perhaps this program is proof of that sometimes less is more in the show: It doesn’t take big things to keep millions of people on screen. there Simplicity often pays off.

And maybe that’s it the main strengths of Antonella Clerici’s leadership style: After years of an honored career, so many achievements, so many awards, she has always managed to remain the girl next door, the one you love because she seems like you and is not your superior.

Not surprisingly, the presenter is loved by men and women of all ages. And not only that, because His cast is also a huge success.

The factor Alfio Bottaro, the nutritionist Evelina Flachi, the doctor Sara Caponigro, the master baker Fulvio Marino, the lord of anecdotes Lorenzo Biagiarelli, the aunt Cristina ‘Cri’ Lunardini – but to indicate that the attendance of the last two has been reduced this year due professional obligations – are all faces that the audience of the show could no longer do without.

And then we need to add that too the same format attracts because it conveys the idea of ​​home and not a “cold” TV studio: In fact, the guests here not only tell anecdotes from the world of cooking – on which the program is obviously based and should therefore not be neglected – but also personal stories.

In short, the same elements are always at the heart of È semper mezzogiorno: love for the land, excellent local products, the enchanting landscapes that Italy has to offer.

However, we must always keep in mind that this happens in front of the cameras, but There is also a world behind the scenes that needs to be mentioned.

In fact, Antonella Clerici was recently the protagonist of an anecdote that took place behind the scenes of È semper mezzogiorno and circulated on the internet. Here’s what happened.

Antonella Clerici: the surprise behind the scenes of It’s always noon

Behind the scenes of It’s Always Noon There has been a big movement lately: Someone came to surprise the presenter Antonella Clerici.

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We know she loves sharing real life bits ranging from her daily life at her home in the woods to makeup, wigs and getting ready for broadcast.

In short, the presenter not only likes to show up on social media when she’s ready to take the spotlight, but she also shares what’s happening during the prep.

However, a few days ago Something unexpected happened to them too: While she was behind the scenes of It’s Always Noon, Antonella Clerici received a surprise from her life partner Vittorio Garrone, who decided to visit her to give her some real support.

On social media, he also wanted to dedicate a few words to her honey. In fact, he specifically said to his partner, “Darling, you are irresistible,” which caused her a slight embarrassment, but it touched many people.

However, recently we know that Antonella Clerici was also the protagonist of a not so joyful episode.

However, what happened the other day will surely lift their spirits and make them forget all the controversies of the last period.