1708125687 Its been almost ten years… Terez Montcalm releases his new

“It’s been almost ten years…”: Térez Montcalm releases his new album “Step Out”

It took almost a decade before we found Térez Montcalm on an album. Here she is finally back Are you getting offwhich comes at the right time to celebrate his 30th career anniversary.

“I was surprised myself when I realized that it had been almost ten years since I made an album!” says the musician, born in 1963, who began working on her new work in 2019.

The pandemic quickly clouded the situation. The one often described as “the rockiest of all jazz singers” then left “a small home studio” to continue working remotely with Régis Ciccarelli in Paris. “Drums, bass, guitars… The basis of the arrangements was me who made them. I sent it to Paris, to Régis, who produced the album.

“It’s been almost ten years…”: Térez Montcalm releases his new album “Step Out”

A real creative love at first sight. “It really clicked. We talked about the same things. It was wonderful!” says the woman, who has had a successful career in Europe since 2006. “He gave me his great musical knowledge and his spontaneity. I'm not a studio girl, I'm an internship girl. “The songs were almost all recorded in one take,” admits the musician, who eventually returned to France in 2023 to put the finishing touches on Step Out.

The Motown spirit

“It's a very musical album. Very happy. That puts you in a good mood!” says Térez Montcalm straight away when describing his new album.

On Step Out, Térez Montcalm offers several covers with his own personal touch. “We wanted to stay in the Motown spirit.” With his unmistakable voice, Térez Montcalm skillfully navigates between jazz, soul, R&B…

These include “She's Not There” – “which I've been listening to since I was a child”, J'attendrai, popularized by Claude François… “These songs stick to my skin and I will sing them for many years to come,” says Térez Montcalm thrilled. “I enjoy making my own songs. I’ve enjoyed doing this since the beginning of my career.”


The musician also offers us five original songs written together with Jean-Frédéric Messier. “I talk a lot about love and even the environment. I’m not very political, but it really affects everyone.”

On the streets

Is she looking forward to meeting Quebec audiences with this new album? “Put something on!” I’m having a nice little tour of Quebec. It's been a long time since I filmed here. I’m always more stressed out singing in Quebec than in Europe!”

After a performance at the Alphonse Desjardins Theater in Repentigny on February 16, the artist will visit Sainte-Thérèse, Lévis, Vanier and Saint-Hyacinthe.

“Step Out” will be released on February 16th via Spectra Musique. Details of his tour can be found here.