The Ukrainian city of Avdiivka besieged by the Russian army

The Ukrainian city of Avdiivka, besieged by the Russian army, “is in danger of falling”

A few days before the second anniversary of the Russian invasion and after the failure of its counteroffensive in 2023, Ukraine faces several challenges: Russian forces are on the offensive, American military aid is still more uncertain and the Ukrainian army is lacking men, weapons, ammunition .

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“Unfortunately, according to Ukrainians, the situation is critical as Russian pressure continues to be exerted on Ukrainian positions day after day. Avdiivka is at risk of falling under Russian control,” White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said, at a time when the Democratic administration of Joe Biden is struggling to win congressional approval of a new aid tranche.

In the battle-ravaged city in Donbass, the situation of the Ukrainian defenders is becoming increasingly precarious in the face of Russian forces that have been on the offensive since October.

“Fight 360 degrees”

“The third assault brigade confirms that it has been urgently deployed for reinforcement in this area,” that unit said on Telegram on Thursday in a message titled “The Hell of Avdiivka.”

This brigade claimed to be conducting counterattacks on quarters captured by the Russians and estimated the enemy forces in its area at “approximately seven brigades”, or several thousand men, with reinforcements continuing to arrive.

“We are forced to fight 360 degrees against new brigades,” said unit commander Andrii Biletsky.

According to the Telegram channel DeepState, Russian forces advanced close to the Ukrainian army on Wednesday, and the situation “further deteriorated due to the incessant shooting.”

The fighting is making it difficult to resupply and evacuate troops on the ground, although there remains a “reserve logistical artery prepared in advance,” Dmytro Lykhoviy, a military spokesman in the region, said on television.