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Janette Bertrand: “I wanted to heal myself” | Hollywoodpq.com – HollywoodPQ

The one and only Janette Bertrand was the guest artist on the show Oncewhere she was entitled to four interviews with various personalities including Sophie Gregoire, Veronique Cloutier, Ricardo Larrivee And Elise Guilbault.

A very interesting moment in the company of the great lady who confided in herself about her professional and personal life and the impact she unknowingly had on certain people.

At Élise's request, Janette delved into her experience as a real social influencer, a role she has held for years, to find out if she sometimes finds this responsibility stressful.

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“I don’t find it hard because I don’t know that I’m doing it. I'm not conscious. I came into life with many complexes and many problems. I wanted to heal myself and realized that through healing myself I could also heal others. But nothing more than that…” the author initially testifies.

“I'm always surprised when, for example, a man on the street…my old complex tells me: What does he want from me?” And the man said to me: You made me accept my homosexuality. I say: I that? I can't remember when I did that (…) I wasn't aware of that. Not at all,” concludes Janette Bertrand modestly.

A warm moment between the two great Quebecers.

Did Janette have an influence on your life?

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