MC Bin Laden Wins BBB 24 Leader Test Find out

MC Bin Laden Wins BBB 24 Leader Test; Find out who's in the crosshairs TV

MC Bin Laden won the BBB 24 Leader Test this Thursday (25). The singer was tied on points with two other participants and narrowly missed the lead. In addition to being the leader of the week, he also won products from the sponsor brand worth R$80,000. Isabelle Nogueira, Davi Brito, Wanessa Camargo and Rodriguinho are in the sights of the wall.

The BBB 24 Leader Test required participants to pay attention and remember. They stayed in individual cubicles, each with a dice with six possible answers. Those locked up were only allowed to touch the object once after Tadeu Schmidt gave a signal.

A video about the sponsor brand was shown on the screen. They had to respond to the details shown in the recording. At the beginning of the program, the moderator announced that a total of 18 questions would be asked. For each correct answer, the brother who got it right received one point, and the first person to get five points won.

MC Bin Laden, Lucas Henrique and Leidy Elin answered the first four questions and tied. The radio player was the only one to answer the fifth question correctly and won the Big Boss crown. He had to choose four people to target on the wall.

The leader must nominate Isabelle, Davi, Wanessa or Rodriguinho for the hot seat lineup on Sunday (28th) the “balanced” can still be saved by Prova do Anjo or Big Fone, who will play on Friday (26th). ) during the broadcast of the program live.

Bin Laden selected Lucas Henrique, Rodriguinho, Lucas Luigi, Fernanda Bande, Deniziane Ferreira, Leidy Elin and Ráculo Cardozo as VIP of the week. The rest of the participants stayed with Xepa.

Dynamic of the week

The Angel Test will take place on Friday afternoon (26). The winner is autoimmune to the wall and can immunize another ally. Big Fone will also play during the live edition on Friday. Whoever answers saves themselves from the wall and points out three who are sitting in the hot seat.

The formation of the sixth wall will take place on Sunday (28). After the angel is immunized, the leader will make his nomination and the house will vote for another person. The three people surrounded by Big Fone will decide by consensus which person should be placed in the risk zone.

They complete the roundandback test on the same day. Five participants, except for the one indicated by the leader on the wall, have a chance to save themselves. Tadeu Schmidt announced that the participant would be eliminated on Tuesday (30). This will be the last hot seat to vote to stay in office.