Janja becomes a meme via video in Times Square Revista

Janja becomes a meme via video in Times Square Revista Oeste

First Lady Janja became a meme on social media after she posted a video of herself in Times Square. In the images, the PT member is seen looking at images of the Amazon on screens surrounding the square. “It is urgent that the planet pays attention to the Amazon, climate change and environmental protection,” Janja wrote on Twitter.

Soon, internet users created memes to mock Janja’s amazement at the lights of New York. The PT member accompanies the president Lulawho spoke at the 78th General Assembly of the United Nations.


She is the same as me when I go to the festival https://t.co/DWRR29TfJd pic.twitter.com/ytu0RgE6VV

Jairme (@jairmearrependi) September 20, 2023


— Defecating Giants Brasil (@DefecatingB) September 20, 2023

You pay Janja to give new meaning to the role of First Lady, it’s almost 8 million for now… pic.twitter.com/BtcgX0avbb

— MSP Movimento Sem Picanha (@mspbra) September 20, 2023

Hotel costs for Lula, Janja and company

After almost roasting R$ 2 million for overnight stays at the luxury hotel Taj Palace aloneIn New Delhi, Lula and Janja and the couple’s entourage spent R4 million to stay at the chic Lotte New York Palace in the center. west received the data via the transparency portal. To date, Lula has spent R$25 million on “tours” to 20 countries.

The federal government also paid out just over R$1 million for the room rental. Generally, these rooms are used for holding press conferences and receiving authorities by the President. Assistants to the CEO also use the workstations. As predicted westTaxpayers paid R$1.5 million for renting cars with a driver.

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