quotThey found something in his liverquot The new drama by

"They found something in his liver". The new drama by Carolina Marconi

For days Carolina Marconi She had disappeared from social media without interacting with her followers, and her absence had raised doubts and fears among her fans. However, in the last few hours, the long social silence was broken and the Venezuelan model spoke of another theatre Anyone who experiences: “The results are in: mammography and ultrasound are ok, but there is something in the liver in the CT scan.”

A week ago, the former Gieffina announced that she had undergone a re-examination, a routine test for those who have beaten breast cancer. “I made CT body. I won’t deny that I was incredibly scared, you never get used to it. In fact, I didn’t sleep for a week, I was very worried,” Carolina Marconi had written on Instagram, sharing the photo from the hospital on her page and expressing positivity about her future. But than that Results After the exams, her world collapsed again.

Carolina Marconi’s discouraging words

“There is never peace,” said the Venezuelan model, speaking of her deep despair over the situation she faces. In fact, Marconi is currently waiting for answers as to what that is liver mass: “I still need to do an MRI with the contrast to really see what it is. Two weeks with the question mark.” Carolina revealed that the oncologist’s words hit her like a real cold shower: “I was scared. When my doctor called me.” oncologist To tell me I had to do this exam, I’m not going to tell you how my legs were shaking. I felt my heart beating faster again and in that moment everything I was doing suddenly didn’t make sense anymore. I had a real blackout.” Hence the social silence to think, process the news and cry.

“I just wanted to cry, now I have to be strong”

Her thoughts went back to the moments two years ago when she discovered she had breast cancer. A vicious disease that took her years Care and the battles were then won. In March 2022, the showgirl was actually declared cured, then another tile. After the discouragement, Carolina is trying to persevere today: “My fears must not be stronger than my subconscious. All I think about is feeling good: I work, I paint, I clean the house, the garden, I cook, my mind is free. Lying there in bed and crying.” Someone had advised her not to reveal her family drama Social – “to avoid misfortune” – but she, who believes in God, only thinks about sharing this umpteenth bad moment in her life with her fans who love her. “Because I hope it brings strength and makes those who find themselves in the same situation feel less alone, so let’s shake hands and be strong,” concluded the former Gieffina.