Juan Rivera admits he was abused as a child and

Juan Rivera admits he was abused as a child and his mother's reaction sparks controversy

Juan Rivera He recently made a shocking revelation on his mother, wife Rosa Rivera's YouTube channel.

Lupillo's brother Jenni (RIP) and Rosie stated that he was suffering from an illness Abuse at age 7 by a 14 year old teenager.

This event left an impression on him and he didn't even understand what had happened to him because, as he himself said, it seemed “good”, but now he knows that it was wrong.

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“Did you know that they did something to me when I was a child? It was a woman, and ever since I was a kid, I was seven years old, I said, “That thing is cool.”I'm a boy, she's a girl and that's normal'”he said.

According to Juan, he realized what had happened because he had his son the same age. “I only realized it was crazy when my (son) was seven years old,” and then he knew it hadn't been play but rather abuse.

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Juan Rivera confessed to being abused as a child / Facebook: Juan Rivera

Doña Rosa Rivera's reaction to Juan Rivera's admission of abuse

Although Juan's story shocked the networks, his mother reacted in a way that was criticized by netizens.

Doña Rosa argued that “she liked the Leperada”, which was seen as a lack of empathy for Juan's confession and that they expected a more understanding reaction to his words.

Mexican mothers can sometimes be very cruel with their comments. And they even try to joke,” they said.

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Doña Rosa's reaction was criticized on networks / Facebook: Doña Rosa Rivera Cocina