War between Israel and Gaza live A Hamas delegation

War between Israel and Gaza, live | A Hamas delegation lands in Cairo to resume Gaza ceasefire talks International

What happened in the last few hours?

These are the most important news about the war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza this Saturday, March 2, at 8:00 p.m.:

The US drops 38,000 food rations by air over the Gaza Strip. Aircraft from the US and Jordanian air forces launched humanitarian aid over the Gaza Strip this Saturday, the US Central Command, which is responsible for Washington's military actions in the Middle East, said in a statement. “C-130 aircraft dropped 38,000 food rations along the coast of the Gaza Strip, allowing civilians access to urgently needed assistance,” the statement said. “We are planning possible further missions of this kind.” Despite the “spectacularity” of the image, officials from several NGOs and aid organizations, including International Crisis Group and Oxfam, have criticized the US delivery plan as ineffective. “Humanitarian workers always complain that airdrops are a good photo opportunity but a terrible way to distribute aid,” said United Nations chief of the NGO International Crisis Group (ICG), Richard Gowan.

Iran's president calls on Biden to listen to his citizens who reject “genocide” in Gaza. Iran's President Ebrahim Raisi said Saturday that the United States, whose support for Israel is seen as key to the Gaza offensive, “must listen to the voice of its citizens” who “reject the genocide” in the Palestinian enclave “. At a forum of gas exporting countries, he called for Israel to be excluded from the UN.

Gaza's Ministry of Health laments the deaths of ten people in an Israeli bomb attack on a tent in Rafah. The Hamas-controlled Gaza Health Ministry reported Saturday that an Israeli airstrike killed 10 people in a tent in Rafah. More than a million Gazans live in this city on the southern edge of the Gaza Strip after fleeing war in other parts of the Gaza Strip. Many of them live in precarious tents.

A British cargo ship attacked by the Houthis in February sinks off Yemen with thousands of tonnes of fertilizer. The Rubymar ship loaded with thousands of tons of fertilizer sank in the Red Sea after being attacked by Yemen's Houthi rebels in mid-February, the internationally recognized Yemeni government, which does not control a large part of the country, reported this Saturday. The ship, owned by Britain and flying the flag of Belize, sank on Friday evening due to “meteorological factors and strong winds,” the crisis cell that led the ship's sinking said in a statement reproduced by Yemen's official Saba news agency Explanation. The ship attacked on February 18th was carrying 41,000 tons of fertilizer in its holds.

Egyptian sources said Gaza ceasefire talks are set to resume in Cairo on Sunday. Talks on a ceasefire in Gaza will resume this Sunday in Cairo, two sources in the Egyptian security forces told Portal. Hamas and Israel have been negotiating for weeks over a new ceasefire in Israel's Gaza offensive, set to last 40 days, in return for the release of Israeli hostages and Palestinian prisoners and an increase in the delivery of humanitarian aid.