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Julie Snyder was on Marie-Lyne’s Fabulous Spring show and the host-producer took the opportunity to open up about her exhaustion from it The week of July 4th and his many projects, but also about his love life.

Remember that Julie has decided to put an end to her everyday life to rest and finally regain her strength with new projects!

“It just ended The week of July 4th, 4 Julie, 4 times a week, how are you? Have you returned to the planet for a while? “You must have been terribly out of breath?” asks Marie-Lyne.

“Yes, I was really out of breath. In fact, it hasn’t stopped since La Semaine des 4 Julie. It’s over, but I’m getting back to my role as a producer, which I’ve really neglected for four years,” Julie replies candidly.

In particular, she admits that the problem isn’t the hours of animation, it’s the preparation behind it.

“By the time the show starts, 99% of the work is done. When you do the show as such, it’s easy (…) It’s before when you have to read books, watch documentaries or films from the series (…) It’s not the hours on screen that count, but the hours before are exhausting,” adds the host.

A little later, for a rare time, she spoke about their love affair, which remains very secret to this day.

“Do you have a boyfriend and do you talk about it there?” asks Joncas.

“Yes, but I’m not telling you who it is, I’m talking about my friend, yes,” Julie replies.

“It seems to be one of the moments in your life where I’ve seen you most in love. You’re like Gaga, your eyes light up when you talk about him!” says Marie-Lyne.

“Yes, yes, yes, he’s really cute!” she reveals with a smile.

“Is it late?” the moderator of Fabuleux Printemps wants to confirm!

“Well, that’s okay, I’ve been there!” Julie says with a pinch of humour.

We wish Julie Snyder many more moments of peace and wonderful moments of happiness with her lover!