Karol G Thats the special relationship his trainer Yarishna Ayala

Karol G: That’s the special relationship his trainer, Yarishna Ayala, has with

Colombian singer Carol G The 31-year-old caused a stir this week when he showed up at a Lakers game in a brown and red t-shirt with the phrase from Shakira’s latest song and the BZRP, “I left you big.” She was accompanied at the event by her personal trainer. Yarishna Ayala.

Carol G She is the owner of a well-crafted silhouette that is the result of her endurance in physical exercise, taking care of her diet and some genetics. On more than one occasion, the singer has been honest and honest with her fans about the issues she’s had with her body and weight.

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The truth is that currently Carol G She cares a lot about her looks as that is what she makes a living from, but also about maintaining her health and the person responsible for making this happen is her boyfriend and personal trainer Yarishna Ayala. The woman is from Puerto Rico, so like the singer, she has Latin American roots and they share several personal preferences, such as a love for the Lakers.

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Karol G and Yarishna Ayala. Source: instagram @elgordoylaflaca

Carol G Because of this, she gets along very well with her trainer, in addition to following all the physical routines they practice together, especially leading up to the Bichota shows where she needs to be in physical condition the most They go to events together and share one group of friends.

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Yarishna Ayala. Source: Instagram @yarishna

Yarishna Ayala She is the owner of an edited figure and is devoted to bodybuilding. In her social networks she accumulates more than three million followers, where she also has photos with her girlfriend Carol G She shows some of her routines and also photo productions where she exposes each of her curves.