Kate Middleton was put into a coma these are the

Kate Middleton was put into a coma: these are the new revelations about the Princess of Wales' complicated post operative period

The health of Kate Middleton She attracted the attention of the local press after undergoing abdominal surgery, which is gradually becoming known, although without further details.

“They haven’t visited their mother”: This is how Kate Middleton has been communicating with her children George, Charlotte and Louis since her mysterious abdominal surgery

While she remains hospitalized in a private hospital in London, the journalist reports this Sunday, January 28th Concha Calleja provided more details about the Princess of Wales' health and revealed the problems that arose after the operation.

Speaking on the Spanish Telecinco program Fiesta, he explained that doctors had to make drastic decisions due to complications that arose during the interview. “The decision was to put her in a coma. They had to intubate her. “These were serious complications that were not expected as the operation went well but the post-operative period did not go so well.”Calleja said.

As could not be otherwise, these moments were tense for the medical staff. “What I can’t confirm is whether this will continue, whether they waited for this fifteen-day trial.”Add.

Why did Kate Middleton have surgery?

“The truth about what happened, the truth about why she had surgery and why she didn’t.” “We will know unless the recovery does not progress sufficiently, and then they will tell us the truth because we will see it.” Calleja said.

He claimed that the princess's life was in danger. “His life was in great danger. In fact, the royal family's concern was palpable; it was about saving lives. he claimed.

This Monday, January 29, Middleton will spend two weeks in the London hospital, which would increase expectations even further since there are only a few hours left until the 15 days that Buckingham Palace had indicated in a statement.

“The operation was successful and He is expected to remain in hospital for ten to fourteen days before returning home to continue his recovery. “According to current medical advice, it is unlikely that he will return to public duties before Easter,” the royal family said in the statement. (JO)