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Kate Middleton, who “might reveal in due course why she had abdominal surgery”

Since last Tuesday Kate Middleton She was admitted to the London Clinic where she underwent surgery for an unspecified abdominal problem. Kensington Palace did not provide any information about this in its official statement the physical problem which led to the operation. So at the moment all that is circulating in the British press are the various hypotheses – from hernia to hysterectomy – (which, however, is convinced that it is not an operation related to a tumor). THE Operation detailsHowever, as a source close to Palazzo told Us Weekly, «They could soon come to light“: “Princess punctual could provide further information. In the meantime, the insider continued, “Kate is resting and eating a lot.” Visits of the prince Wilhelm and three children George, Charlotte and Louis.”

Item imageKate Middleton: “Nobody knew about the operation, not even friends and some members of the royal family”

The indiscretion comes from People, which reports statements from sources close to the family. The Princess of Wales and her entourage were able to keep the operation so secret that no one yet knows what it was.

In the January 16 note, Kensington Palace announced that Middleton's operation had gone well, that the princess would remain in hospital for a few weeks and that she would then return to the family home – Adelaide Cottage in Windsor – where he would continue his recovery . Palace sources later revealed that Kate would not be returning to the public eye before Easter. Now also a king Charles III He was admitted to the London clinic, where he had just undergone prostate surgery (the sovereign “is doing well,” as the spokesman said). Queen Camilla leaving the hospital).

Item imageKate Middleton underwent abdominal surgery: King Charles' gesture to protect her

According to historian Tessa Dunlop, the announcement of the king's hospitalization, which came about 90 minutes after that of his daughter-in-law, served to distract from the princess's intervention, about which nothing is actually known

Prince William, who nowadays all work commitments have been canceled in the diaryAccording to Us Weekly's source, “He's obviously going through a lot.” difficulty. This is a stressful time for the whole family, but everyone is coming together to help.” Especially with little George, Charlotte and Louis. As he told Hello! With the royal expert Ingrid Seward, William takes the children to school every morning and then takes turns accompanying them on the many routes to school extracurricular and sporting activities There is the historical nanny Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo and Kate's mother, Carole Middletonwho “does everything to ensure that the little princes maintain their lives despite their mother’s hospitalization.” usual routine».

Item image“London is on alert after Kate Middleton's operation”: the acute diverticulitis hypothesis and the analysis of Antonio Caprarica

The hypothesis of “acute diverticulitis”, the great fear for the health of the Princess of Wales, the details of the two press releases: We spoke to the most famous Italian expert: “It was certainly a bolt from the blue.” The pathology must be immediate manifested after New Year's Eve. This is something serious.”

Family management aside, these are difficult times for the British monarchy. With Charles and Kate out of the picture due to health issues, the Sussexes no longer working as royals and now living in California, Andrea di York removed from royal life due to the Epstein scandal, and William canceling everything he's dedicated to Due to his obligations to his wife and children, there are only very few royals left who can keep the monarchy alive: the Queen CamillaThe Princess Anne And Sophie Wessex, the new Duchess of Edinburgh. She and Edoardo will share Carlo, William and Kate's commitments in the coming weeks. But according to many royal observers, this situation would suddenly reveal to the English how fragile the monarchy is.