Kim Levesque Lizotte At 25 I became everything I despised

Kim Lévesque-Lizotte: “At 25 I became everything I despised”

The author and comedian Kim Lévesque-Lizotte, who was visiting The true nature On Sunday night, she spoke about the reasons that led her to stop performing just before her career behind the screen took off.

Seven years after her departure from the National School of Humor and a painful separation, the screenwriter behind Virage and Les Bombes celebrated her first successes with her cult series Les Simone, which we still talk to her about in detail today.

“The breakup had strange effects on the rest of my career. What kept me alive was really a conversation with Louis Morissette, who had just been told no to Plan B. I told him with complete arrogance: “One day I will do a series and that will be it. It will be the best.” “It will be extraordinary and talk about the true reality of women,” she told Jean-Philippe Dion, adding that the producer then challenged her to take the plunge.

“If there is a lack of experience, it is difficult to learn […] And what was difficult, and this is also the reason why I stopped performing, is that I am a bohemian, I was a bohemian in that moment. I lived in an artists' colony, I lived at night, I'm really a hippie. At 25, I became everything I despised,” she said with a laugh, adding that she now appreciates the comforts of the suburbs.

In her youth, Kim Lévesque-Lizotte believed that the artistic world was inaccessible to her. “Even though I played guitar, I sang and wrote lyrics; “All of this existed, but in my private life,” she said, recounting that she had an epiphany while listening to Louis-José Houde’s broadcast on repeat.

She also admitted that the label of “the woman of opinion” that follows her today was given to her as soon as she left the National School of Humor. “Over the years, I know where not to set fires. “It helped me find my place, but the price was expensive,” she admitted.

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