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Koldo García and his entourage prepared several wills after purchasing the houses with alleged bribes | Spain

Koldo caseKoldo García leaves the National Court on February 22nd. SERGIO PEREZ (EFE)

Investigators from the Guardia Civil's Central Operational Unit (UCO) noticed that Koldo García and his entourage went to the notary several times between the end of 2020 and 2021 to draw up a will. This is reflected in the reports of the agents to which EL PAÍS had access, who report how the former adviser to Minister José Luis Ábalos was present twice; his wife Patricia Uriz, in another; and his brother Joseba García, another. Some visits, according to the armed institute, always took place after Koldo García had purchased new properties that he created in the name of his relatives in order to “hide” the fact that they were acquired thanks to the irregular commissions collected on the property became. Therefore, according to the UCO, the repeated “formalization” of wills would have the aim of clarifying the “ownership” of these houses, indicating that Koldo and his partner (who have a common daughter) are beginning to distrust the brother at a certain point. .

“As can be seen from the previous notarial protocols, due to the increase in assets attributable to Koldo García and his family environment, they proceed to formalize an individual will, although the true purpose of this practice is unknown, apparently the police who “could with “related to the actual ownership of the properties mentioned,” the researchers state. The agents emphasize that after collecting the alleged commissions, Koldo García and his relatives experienced a “remarkable increase” in their wealth: in addition to managing enormous amounts of cash, they also acquired several properties and houses (including three in Benidorm). the coast). ), which Ábalos' former advisor did not write in his name to avoid suspicion.

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So at the end of 2023, when Joseba García was still listed as the alleged frontman of several assets, Koldo García called his brother and insisted that he go to the notary again: “If you die… well, we made a mess.” The one According to agents, Ábalos' former advisor wanted Joseba to record “through a private document the true ownership” of one of the properties.

In addition, the UCO intercepted a conversation between Patricia Uriz and a lawyer in which she showed distrust of her husband's brother: “The problem is Koldo, since the house is not in his name and all this is connected by a very delicate thread .” , he's afraid that it will bounce back and says, “Come on, get on the damn street, since the house is in my name and the mortgage is in my name, get on the damn street.” Furthermore, Uriz tells the Lawyer, the agents insisted that Joseba “went to make a will, but he didn't go to the will.” [notario] “What they told him, and what he did, was to say that the house was for Patricia's daughter if something happened to him, but he didn't say who it would be for if his daughter wasn't there .”

In their reports, the investigators insist that “the assets attributable to the family environment of Koldo García suffered a significant increase from September 2020, just five months after the date on which the contracts between them were concluded.” the commercial business management and Support Solutions SL [compañía epicentro de la trama]and public administration”. Some agreements were signed when Koldo García was Ábalos' advisor. At this point, the agents emphasize: “Concerning the relationship between the two [Ábalos y García]It is worth mentioning that they continue to maintain contact even after leaving their previous public positions, as can be seen from the relevant operational activities. [de la Guardia Civil]“.

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Subscribe toAnalysis of the growth of wealth of Koldo García and those around him after the awards ceremonies, prepared by the UCO.Analysis of the growth of wealth of Koldo García and those around him after the awards ceremonies, prepared by the UCO.

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