Last generation activist fined 20000 euros for raiding Florence39s Uffizi

Last generation activist fined 20,000 euros for raiding Florence's Uffizi Gallery

20,000 euros From fine: He will have to pay a lot activist From Last generation for sticking with it Scotch tape some pictures al Glass placed to protect the panel “Birth of Venus” From Botticelli. This is the first application of the newly created law against Eco-vandals.

Last generation activist fined 20,000 euros

The news of the fine was announced by those directly involved in a notice. In the press release, Ultima Generazione attacks the Meloni government, which brought into being the law that increases sanctions against those who alter or render unusable works of art:

Giordano had taped pictures of the Campi Bisenzio, sunk in the mud, to the display case of Botticelli's Venus. The lack of a moral compass in this government is obvious.

February 13, 2024 – Ultima Generazione activists place posters on the cover protecting Botticelli's painting “Birth of Venus.”

The attack on the Uffizi Gallery in Florence

On February 13, three activists entered the Uffizi Gallery and pasted some photos on the display case protecting Botticelli's masterpiece. They then showed an orange poster that read “Reparations Fund – 20 billion to repair the damage from climate disasters.”

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Ecovandal law: what it offers

The so-called law against eco-vandals provides for a minimum penalty of 10,000 euroswhich can be achieved to the maximum 60 thousand. Anyone who completely or partially destroys, disperses, impairs or renders completely or partially unusable their own or someone else's cultural or landscape assets will be punished.

Then there is a risk of a fine 10 thousand To 40 thousand for those who deface or deface cultural or landscape assets (including their own) or assign cultural assets to a use that could endanger their state of conservation. Anyone who uses them for a purpose incompatible with their historical or artistic character will also be punished.

“He who is dirty is That's right, you pay for restoration. Italian citizens do not have to pay,” he commented Minister of Culture Gennaro Sangiuliano to approve the text.

“Whoever is responsible for vandalism against art and national monuments, the heritage of our identity and humanity, needs to know this.” I will respond directly personally from a patrimonial point of view,” the minister had warned.

Not just fines: recently some last generation activists were sentenced to six months in prison.

Photo source: IPA