1667476319 Last minute of the war between Russia and Ukraine live

Last minute of the war between Russia and Ukraine live today | Zelenskyi celebrates Russia’s return to the Grain Pact as a sign of the invasion’s ‘failure’

Last minute of the war between Russia and Ukraine live

Russia continues its attacks on key infrastructure in Ukraine

The Russian army last night continued attacks on key infrastructure in various parts of Ukraine, including in the Dnipropetrovsk region, where the bombings destroyed a gas station, an industrial plant and other facilities.

“On the night of November 2-3, Russian forces attacked the Dnipropetrovsk region, hitting energy and water supply infrastructure facilities in the city of Kryvyi Rih, a gas station in Nikopol and an industrial plant in Pavlohrad,” Valentin Reznichenko assured on Thursday , head of the regional military administration on Telegram.

The information was also confirmed on his Telegram account by Mikola Lukaschuk, head of the council of that region in southern Ukraine, near the battle lines between Russians and Ukrainians.

Reznichenko added that “Several large-scale attacks took place last night… The Russians attacked power and water supply infrastructure facilities in Krivi Rih and caused significant damage. Emergency services are working on site.”

Lukaschuk, for his part, specified that the Krivi Rih power plant was hit by a Russian drone bomb, while the water supply network was destroyed by a missile. In this offensive, Russian forces used Grad missiles and heavy artillery, according to sources collected by the Ukrainian authorities.

The Russians also damaged an apartment building, two private houses, a university, an auto repair shop, a furniture factory, an industrial plant and several power lines in Nikopol, in the same region as Dnipro, the fourth most populous city in the country.

More than 1,000 homes in the region lost power as a result of the Russian attacks. Electrical engineers have been dispatched to repair the damage and restore power, the military officials added.

No casualties were reported as a result of the attacks.

For his part, the mayor of Melitopol Ivan Fedorov reported early morning explosions in this Russian-held town near Zaporizhia, the Kyiv Independent newspaper reported.

According to Fedorov, the attack destroyed part of the site of an industrial air conditioning compressor factory that Russian troops used to house their troops.

Meanwhile, units of Skhid Air Command (East) Ukraine shot down four Iranian-made Shahed-136 bomber drones over Nikopol district.