subsidiary reporter faints during newscast live Country

subsidiary reporter faints during newscast live Country

the reporter Vanessa Medeirosfrom TV Tribuna, passed out live, on Wednesday evening (2), during a newscast. She was in front of the police station. Saint Vincentin Sao Paulo.

Vanessa got nauseous from affiliate TV Globo during a live entry in Jornal da Tribuna 2nd edition. The journalist spoke about a police operation in Morro Voturuá and even warned that she felt ill before she passed out.

“Sorry guys, I’m not fine,” Vanessa said. After the faint, the newspaper returned the picture to the moderator, who wished the reporter well. According to the g1 portal, she suffered one pressure drop.

TV Tribuna said in a statement that the journalist is fine and is being closely monitored. You will get full support from the broadcaster, according to the message.

Vanessa was saved by cameraman Fernando Skillo, who dropped the camera as soon as he saw her put her hand on her face. According to Skillo, the reporter did not hit her head and was quickly taken to the hospital.

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