Laura Pausini unlike Paolo Carta He has been in her

Laura Pausini, unlike Paolo Carta: He has been in her heart for many years, but she has always kept it hidden iFood

Favorite dish Laura PausiniLaura Pausini and Paolo Carta –

Laura Pausini hides a love in her heart and no, it is not Paolo Carta: the singer popular in Italy and abroad is crazy for that.

Laura Pausini, icon of Italian music, has always attracted attention, not only for her unforgettable vocal performances, but also for her commitment to sustaining them perfect physical condition.

She recently shared details about her diet that made it possible for her Lose 16 kilos and to stay in great shape, ready for the next musical challenges.

His story is an example of how a Balance between healthy eating and love for culinary traditions can lead to surprising results and how willpower can be an excellent guide.

Let's see how she managed to balance a strict diet with her connection to Italian cuisine and eat at the same time his favorite dish that remains a sweet secret in his heart.

Laura Pausini's diet: light breakfast, but without sacrificing enjoyment

Laura Pausini followed a personalized diet created by nutrition experts that includes: a daily calorie intake of around 1400 caloriesAnd. The diet consists of five meals a day, starting with a light breakfast of coffee or tea with sweetener and two pieces of whole grain toast. Mid-morning and afternoon snacks consist of yogurt or fruit to satisfy hunger without overeating.

During lunch, The singer opts for pasta dishes with cherry tomatoes and vegetablesAnd while dinner generally consists of a fennel and carrot salad and a piece of fruit. Despite her diet, Laura does not give up certain pleasures, such as Japanese cuisine, especially sushi. But there is one dish in his heart that he simply cannot do without: tortellini. This combination of healthy foods and traditional dishes reflects his love for Italy's culinary roots, always keeping the line in mind.

Favorite dish Laura PausiniLaura Pausini –

Proper nutrition and fitness: Laura Pausini's new balance

In addition to diet, Laura Pausini attaches great importance to physical activity. Use the treadmill regularly and practice dancingThis not only keeps her fit, but also allows her to relax and have fun. This balanced approach between diet and exercise is essential for your physical and mental well-being. Laura emphasizes the importance of not improvising with nutrition and always relying on specialists to avoid health risks.

His experience is an example of this a balanced dietCombined with constant physical activity, significant results can be achieved without giving up the pleasures at the table and maintaining the connection with one's culinary traditions.

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