Laurence Jalbert was disappointed and injured by Dan Bigras

Laurence Jalbert was disappointed and injured by Dan Bigras

The recent February 12 publication on the official Facebook page of multidisciplinary artist Dan Bigras sparked strong reactions online, particularly from a well-known, popular singer who said she was hurt by the publication.

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Here's the context: Dan Bigras shared a photo montage of the artists he's had the pleasure of collaborating with throughout his career. Among these women were those who shared significant moments with him and had a profound influence on him.

Gold, Laurence Jalbertwith whom he collaborated for years on a memorable and captivating album and tour, was not on this list and touched the singer deeply.

She quickly commented on her own Facebook page without mincing words. In a succinct but powerful message, the 64-year-old icon revealed that the omission had exceeded the limits of his tolerance.

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Here are Laurence Jalbert's words about this omission, which visibly affected her:

“Well, I’m not here.

2 years of touring with 5 shows per week. A “Communio” album that had enormous success. Work, work, always leave the house, leave my children with babysitters.

A little Bigras amnesia? 😜

My mother died at the start of this tour and I didn't have time to see her go…

You know, there are times when you say to yourself: There are limits.

Well, hurtful…”

Apparently Laurence Jalbert's news reached the ears of Dan Bigras, who removed the publication in question.

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