Brazil regrets US veto at UN and calls for ceasefire

Lawsuit against Israel increases antiSemitism, says USP professor

The letter sent to Itamaraty refers to Brazil's support for South Africa's initiative to establish a ceasefire by Israel in Gaza

USP (University of São Paulo) Professor of International Law Celso Lafer sent a letter to Itamaraty on Thursday (January 11, 2024) expressing Brazil's support for South Africa's initiative to convene the United Nations International Court of Justice (United Nations). ) to “investigate acts and measures that could constitute genocide or related crimes” and establish Israel’s immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.

In the document addressed to Foreign Minister Mauro Vieira, Lafer states that the complaint against Israel “increases antiSemitism” and also contributes to the “delegitimization of the State of Israel at the international level.” Here is the full letter (PDF 216 kB).

“It is an instrumentalization of international law. Its purpose is to contribute to the delegitimization of the State of Israel at the international level by invoking genocide. Increases antiSemitism. “It seems to be consistent with those who want to undermine Israel's right to exist, which is an explicit intention of the strategy and behavior of Hamas, its supporters and sympathizers,” the professor explained.

According to Lafer, Brazil's support for South Africa does not meet the “coherence” requirements of Brazil's foreign rights policy and is not in line with legal norms.

O Power360 He sought out Itamaraty to comment on the USP professor's letter. The Foreign Ministry responded that its position remains the same as in the official government announcement published on Wednesday (January 10) (PDF 154 kB).


The government of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) declared at the Hague court its support for South Africa's initiative to denounce Israel. Lula made this decision after a meeting on Wednesday (January 10) with the Palestinian ambassador to Brazil, Ibrahim Alzeben.

In the official statement published on the same day, the Brazilian government said it supported the case being submitted to the International Court of Justice. The allegations include violations of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.

South Africa's support was criticized by Israel. In a statement, Israel's embassy in Brazil said it “categorically” rejected the “slander” of the African country and rejected allegations that it intended to kill Palestinians.

“Israel is committed to and acts in accordance with international law and directs its military operations in Gaza exclusively against Hamas and other terrorist organizations,” the text says.

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